Busy week ahead

This is just to tell you about some of the many events happening this week. This afternoon, the HDP/HDK will be having an election party in Südblock where we can watch the results of the Turkish elections together:

Tomorrow (Monday), Erkin Erdogan, speaker of the HDP/HDK Berlin will be telling us what the election results mean and what happens next:

On Tuesday, the Coalition against Trump, of which we are part, has their next meeting. Among other things, we’ll be discussing the coming protest on 30 June against the imprisonment of children on the US-Mexican border. We’ll post more info about the protest after the meeting

On Thursday, we’re showing “Reserve Slaves” Michelangelo Severgnini’s new documentary about refugees in Southern Italy, followed by a discussion with Michelangelo and others. Its at 7pm in the Moviemento cinema

And on Friday and Saturday, die LINKE Berlin is organising 2 meetings: a basis conference on Friday in ND-Haus and a Markt der Möglichkeiten for new members on Saturday

If you need any more information about any of these events, please check us on the Internet or send us a message

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Looking back at Hermsdorf and coming up

We had a great time in Hermsdorf last week-end. You can find extended minutes of what we discussed here. And lots of photos here.
The next thing we’re organising is a stall at the Fest der Linken on Saturday on Rosa Luxemburg Platz. If you can help, please enter your name in the shift plan here. We’ll be sharing our stall with the newly formed Brazilian committee for solidarity with Lula.
At the Fest der Linken there will be the German premiere of Michelangelo Severgnini’s film Reserve Slaves about refugees in Southern Italy. It will be showing in Karl Liebknecht Haus at 1pm. If you can’t make it, or want to see it in a “proper” cinema, it will be showing in the Moviemento cinema on Thursday night. Michelangelo will be present at both showings. More info here.
On Monday at our next regular meeting, Erkin Erdogan, speaker of the Berlin HDP/HDK will be talking about Turkey after the elections (7pm at Die LINKE Neukölln) . You can watch the election results with the HDP/HDK on Sunday night.
And last but definitely not least, as a result of children being caged on the US border, several actions have been called. Friday at the US embassy and on 30th June (parallel to big demos in the US), details to be confirmed. It would be great to see as many people as possible there

June with Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

Hi folks

Here’s a summary of what’s coming up:

  • On Saturday (9 June) we’ll be standing up against the AfD’s racist “women’s march”. Everything’s kicking off at Mehringplatz (U-Bahn Hallesches Tor). There’ll be a breakfast at 11am, and you can assemble around our banners and those of The Coalition from around 1pm. More information, including the call to action in English here.
  • On 16 and 17 June we’ll be having our annual retreat. The Saturday is a day of social networking, and on the Sunday we’ll be planning what we do next year. More information here, and you can sign up here.
  • On 23 June you can visit our stall at the Fest der Linken. We’re also organising the German premiere of Michelangel Severgnini’s film “Reserve Slaves” which will be playing in Karl Liebknecht Haus at 1pm. We’re also organising the first screening in a proper German cinema in the Moviemento on Thursday, 28 June. This screening will be followed by a discussion with Michelangelo and a refugee. More information about the film here.
  • On 25 June, Erkin Erdogan, co-speaker of the HDP/HDK Berlin-Brandenburg will be talking to us about the Turkish elections, which will be taking place on 24 June.
  • And one for your diaries, on 23 July, we’ll have someone from Italy talking about the situation there. As this situation is changing every day, the title may change.

Finally, at the bottom of this message there’s the flyer that we’ll be giving out at the Fest der Linken and elsewhere. If you’d like to have some printed copies, please get in touch.

Coming up…

Here’s a brief summary of the announcements from last night’s meeting. Thanks to everyone for taking part.

Next week-end, French MP Daniele Obono will be taking part in 2 public meetings:

–  A discussion primarily in German on the new right in Europe. This is a panel discussion with AfD expert Gerd Wiegel and Hungarian journalist Judith Langowski. Saturday, 2 June at 6.30 in Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz 

–  A discussion in English on racism and Islamophobia in France. We are organising this meeting as part of the Offenes Neukölln festival. Sunday 3 June at 3.30pm in Café Plume, Warthestraße 60 

On 16-17 June we will be having our annual retreat in the Hermsdorf Naturfreundehaus. Saturday is socializing, Sunday discussion. This year, much of the discussion will focus on the arguments around the coming EU elections. You can find more information (including a form where you can register) here:  

Taking part and overnight accommodation won’t cost anything, but we may have a whipround to cover food costs.

2 extra points about the retreat:

– On the Sunday we want to spend an hour introducing 5 or 6 international organisations which are currently active in Berlin. If you’d like to tell us about your organisation (5 minutes introduction, 5 minutes Q&A) please get in touch.

– We may organise a spontaneous meeting on the Saturday to talk about how we can improve our Website. If you’d like to get involved with this, please contact us.

Our regular meetings are on the fourth Monday of each Month in the LINKE offices in Neukölln. The next 2 meetings will be on the current situation in Turkey  and in Italy  


Die LINKE Berlin Internationals
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(c) Harald Etzbach

We’ve been contacted by some people saying, there are several meeting points on Sunday, where should they go.

Firstly, every single person who stands up against the planned AfD march is essential. The most important thing is that you go to one of the mobilisations.

We have decided to meet up with our allies from The Coalition at 11am in front of the Hotel Adlon  There are a few reasons for this:

1. we would like to stay together. It is looking like the protests on Sunday are going to be big, and we don’t want to leave anyone on their own. Look for the Coalition banner and our LINKE International flags and banner.

2. The way that we will beat the AfD is by broad and mass mobilisations. We therefore want to start off at the largest rally on the Reichstagswiese at 11.30. This will also be the place with the best overview where we can best go to prevent the AfD from marching.

3. Some of us have children, some have precarious residence status in Germany. Even if they want to confront the AfD, some people need to know how dangerous things look before deciding what to do. We think that by starting at the Reichstagswiese we will be somewhere where everyone is safe and we will have enough time to prevent the AfD march in the most effective place possible.

Everyone is invited to join us on Sunday morning. If you decide to go somewhere else, please send us your photos from the various actions so that we can put up a large gallery of photos of the (hopefully) successful action.

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Week-end retreat 16-17 June. You can sign up now

Information about our week-end retreat on 16-17 June is now available (info below). If you’d like to come to both days or just one, please fill in this form or send us a message

Friends and Comrades,

2 years ago the Die Linke Berlin International working group hosted an overnight retreat in Hermsdorf, it was tons of fun and We’re doing it again.
We will be spending the weekend June 16th and 17th at the Hermsdorf NaturFreundehaus, arriving Saturday for a day of fun, relaxation, and socialist socializing, and on Sunday for a program day of discussions and debates primarily about the European Union. If this sounds like fun then please read the details below, and register ASAP using this google form


Saturday is fun and relaxation day: there is a lake with a supervised swimming facility nearby, as well as lots of nature to explore. We will also watch movies together in the evening.
Sunday is programming day, this will include a brief introduction to the party structure of Die Linke and how the LAG “Internationals” fits into it, and more information on our planned activities for the next year and how to get more involved.
The majority of Sunday afternoon will be spent discussing the European Union and the left’s orientation towards it. We’ve chosen this focus because of the upcoming May 2019 European Parliament elections, and the ongoing relevance of discussions around Brexit and austerity policies in southern Europe.
We want to help provide LAG members and friends with a place to discuss these issues and to think strategically together about how a left perspective on the EU and EU parliament elections should look.


13:15 – leave together from the U8 platform at Alexanderplatz
14:00 – arrive at NaturFreundehaus Hermsdorfer Fließtal
14:00-14:30 – drop off bags, tour the facility, select and make beds
14:30-18:30 – free time: explore the nearby nature and quaint neighbourhoods, go swimming in the lake, relax in the NaturFreundehaus yard. (If the weather is bad we will plan more indoor group activities, like games, more movies etc.)
18:30 – 20:00 – Food, drink, general merriment, we will eat the food prepared by some of the comrades in the last hour of free time.
20:00 – 22:00 – Fun movie: we will watch a mostly entertaining movie with a somewhat leftist-related theme, likely either The Young Karl Marx or The Death of Stalin. You can vote/make other suggestions in the registration form.
22:00- Late – Documentary: what we watch here is undecided, so please suggest ideas in the registration form if you have any


10:00-11:00 – breakfast
11:00- 12:00 – Die Linke: and the LAG Internationals: Past, Present Future – Judith Benda, Phil Butland
12:00 – 13:00 – the Berlin Internationals network: short introductions by groups we work with: (potentially) HDP/HDK, Podemos Berlin, Izquierda Unida Berlín, CUP/CDR/With Catalonia (all Catalonia), Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung, Labour Berlin, Razem Berlin, The Coalition, Berlin Jacobin Reading Group, PRC/Potere Populo (Italy), France Insoumise, Frente Amplio (Chile)
13:00 – 14:00 – Lunch Break
14:00 – 15:00 – EU: Militarism and NATO – Judith Benda
15:00 – 16:00 – The Eurozone and crisis in the European periphery – TBD
16:00 – 17:00 Brexit and the question of a “left-exit”: is reform possible – Julia Damphouse, Phil Butland
17:00 -17:30 – The next year with Die Linke internationals: future meetings, brainstorming, and how to get involved
17:30-18:30 – overflow time/pack/clean up/departure


The venue is NaturFreundehaus Hermsdorfer Fließtal (Seebadstraße 27, 13467 Berlin) which is easily accessible with public transportation from Berlin.
Anyone who wants to travel together with the first group is welcome to join us, meeting at 13:00 on the U8 platform at Alexanderplatz. We will take the 13:15 train to U Wittenau, and then take the 220 bus in the direction Frohnau, Hainbuchenstr. to the stop Almutstraße, then walk for 10 minutes to the NaturFreundehaus.
Here is a google maps link to the Journey:
Anyone who wishes to arrive on their own later in the day is welcome to do so, just let us know in the registration form what time you plan to arrive.
For those who will only attend the programming day on Sunday. We will begin promptly at 11:00, but breakfast will be served from 10:00-11:00, if you plan to arrive in the morning, come before 11:00 to eat breakfast.


Food will be provided both days: Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, Sunday lunch, though bringing a snack for Saturday afternoon is advised.
For those staying over: the NaturFreundhaus provides bed linen for 4 euros, or you can bring your own.
After the day’s programming is finished and we tidy up the space, will leave together by 18:30.
Accommodation is free but if possible we ask for a contribution for the food and drinks.
hope to see you there!

– Julia, Phil, Judith

Stop the AfD this Sunday

Hello everyone

We may have mentioned this before, but we’ll carry on saying: Sunday is the big one. The AfD is planning to march through Berlin on Sunday. This follows the Nazi wing of the party winning a majority of positions in the AfD leadership and an increasing concentration on trying to build a street-fighting cadre.

They shall not pass. A broad coalition of organisation has called for counter-mobilisations (more information in German: https://www.stopptdenhass.org/). We will do whatever we can to stop this provocative march.

The main event for the counter-mobilisation will be at the Reichstagswiese (just in front of the German parliament) from 11.30am. We will be meeting at S-Bahn Brandenburger Tor (exit in the direction of the Brandenburger gate) between 11 and 11.15am. Look for our banners and flags, and the banner of our allies in The Coalition Berlin.

Please come and join us. We will also be giving out information about our public meeting on the far right in Europe. Speakers include French MP Daniele Obono. The meeting will be on Saturday 2 June at 6.30pm at Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals



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