Who are the LINKE Berlin Internationals? And other meetings this week

Want to know more about how non-Germans can get more involved in German politics? Not sure whether die LINKE is the thing for you? Want to know who it is who keeps sending you all these messages?

Well, on Thursday (23 August), here’s your chance to find out. Judith Benda and Phil Butland, the co-speakers of the LINKE Berlin Lnternationals will be introducing a discussion on What is die LINKE? Who are die Berlin LINKE Internationals?

It’s in the Luxemburg Saal of Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz, and it all starts at 7pm. 


Then on Monday 27th, Nadjat Hamdi from the Daughters of Saguia and Rio will be talking about Western Sahara – the forgotten conflict. At the meeting we’ll also be discussing our attitude to Sahra Wagenknecht’s new Aufstehen movement.

This will be at 7pm in our normal meeting place of die LINKE Neukölln offices at Wipperstraße 6 (S- and U-Bahn Neukölln)


By the way, for everyone who was on the anti-Nazi demos on Saturday, or if you weren’t there but want to know what happened, this will be the major talking point at the monthly Stammtisch of the Coalition – an international alliance of activists who we support. It’s at 8pm at the Jägerklause in Friedrichshain (Grünbergerstraße 1).

It seems that Saturday’s Nazi march was only possible due to active support from the Berlin police. Here’s our contribution to the general discussion . And here are  some pretty pictures of the demo by renowned Egyptian journalist Hossam El-Hamalawy


  Hope to see you at one or more of these events


Support a woman’s right to choose. Events coming up in Berlin

Hi everyone

There are a number of events coming up in Berlin around a woman’s right to choose. Here are just some of them:

On Wednesday, the Argentinian Senate will probably be voting on whether to ratify the new law legalising abortion in some cases. Its all on a knife edge at the moment, so there will be solidarity rallies worldwide, including at Brandenburger Tor at 6pm

And then on Thursday, the Berlin-Ireland Pro-Choice group is organising a Pro-Choice Picnic at Hasenheide in Neukölln

On the same evening, the Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung is organising a Queer-feminist badge and stencil workshop at Bernkastelerstraße 78

This is all a run up to a German day of action on 22 September, including actions against the planned demonstration by anti-choice bigots including many prominent AfD members

Die LINKE Internationals will be making our contribution with a panel discussion on reproductive rights in Latin America on 24 September, with speakers from Argentina, Brazil and Chile . Kristina Hinz and Cecilia Maas who will be speaking at this meeting have written a short introduction to the current situation in Latin America

Hope to see you soon

Coming up

Hello everyone

No Summer break for us. Here are just some of the activities we’re involved in in the next couple of months.

  • Ever wanted to know more about the LINKE Internationals but were too afraid to ask? On 23 August we have a meeting in Karl Liebknecht Haus explaining who we are and what we do.
  • On 27 August, Nadjat Hamdi from the Daughters of Saguia and Rio will be telling us about Western Sahara: the forgotten conflict in our monthly meeting in the LINKE Neukölln offices.
  • On 31 August, there’s talk of a solidarity concert for the victims of the Greek wildfires. More details to follow. In the meantime, here’s what you can do to help the wildfire vicitms.
  • On 12 September, there’s the next in our debates about the EU. Fabio de Masi MP and a speaker from Great Britain will speak on the EU finance and economic politics in times of Brexit. As ever, with these meetings, it will be largely in German.
  • On 24 September, we are organising a forum on reproductive rights in Latin America, with Cecilia Maas from Argentina, Kristina Hinz, a researcher into feminism in Brazil, and a speaker from the Chilean organisation Frente Amplio. As we are expecting more people to attend than at our usual monthly meeting, the forum will take place in Karl Liebknecht Haus.
  • The forum takes places 2 days after the planned march by anti-choice fundamentalists (including some leading AfD members) through Berlin. For information about the planned protests against this show of bigotry, follow the website of the Bündis für sexuelle Selbsbestimmung.
  • In December there are 2 events for you to put into your diary. On 1 December we’ll be having our Keihnachtsfest / not-Christmas party in Café Plume. And the week-end afterwards, from 6-8 December, the LINKE-SDS are organising a conference to celebrate 50 years since 1968.

You can see our new leaflet advertising these events and more here. Please contact us if you want printed versions of this leaflet to give out.

Not enough for you? Well, there are a few new things on our Website:

  • the video of our meeting on the new right in Europe with Daniele Obono and others
  • Victor Grossman’s new Berlin Bulletin on the NSU affair, Mesit Ösil and a little victory
  • Berlin LINKE Internationals member Elena Gavoska makes a call for internationalist solidarity with refugees

If you would like more information about Die LINKE Berlin Internationals or would like to help us organise any of the above, please get in touch.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals



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Meeting on Italy on Monday, and some other stuff

Hello everyone

Here’s a reminder that the next meeting of the LINKE Berlin Internationals will be next Monday, 23 July. Marco, who is currently in Italy, will be returning with an eye-witness account of recent developments.

After the discussion on Italy, we will be talking about the current refugee demos in Germany, and there will be a brief report back from the European Left Summer University in Vienna. Its all at 7pm at die LINKE offices in Neukölln (Wipperstraße 6) and we’ll go together afterwards to the biergarten in the Villa Rixdorf on Richardplatz.

Last night, we had an organising meeting where we looked back at out recent retreat in Hermsdorf set the following priorities for the coming months.

  • Website and social media
  • mapping – which other international groups are working in Berlin and how are we connected?
  • Influencing positions taken by die LINKE
  • coming EU elections – quarterly meetings and other interventions.

If you’d like get involved in any of these activities, or have suggestions about other things we should be doing, please get in touch, and we’ll put you in touch with the right people:

We are also planning a number of other events. As well as our monthly meetings on the fourth Monday of each months, we’ll be organising a special meeting explaining what die LINKE is and does (probably 23 August) and a not-Christmas party (Keinachtsfeier). We’re looking at the 7th or 8th December. Please let us know if you know of a problem with these dates.

Finally, please visit our Website. Among the various articles and action tips, we have just posted Victor Grossman’s latest Berlin bulletin on the German right and refugees  and this call for peace on the Korean peninsula

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals

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Busy week ahead

This is just to tell you about some of the many events happening this week. This afternoon, the HDP/HDK will be having an election party in Südblock where we can watch the results of the Turkish elections together:

Tomorrow (Monday), Erkin Erdogan, speaker of the HDP/HDK Berlin will be telling us what the election results mean and what happens next:

On Tuesday, the Coalition against Trump, of which we are part, has their next meeting. Among other things, we’ll be discussing the coming protest on 30 June against the imprisonment of children on the US-Mexican border. We’ll post more info about the protest after the meeting

On Thursday, we’re showing “Reserve Slaves” Michelangelo Severgnini’s new documentary about refugees in Southern Italy, followed by a discussion with Michelangelo and others. Its at 7pm in the Moviemento cinema

And on Friday and Saturday, die LINKE Berlin is organising 2 meetings: a basis conference on Friday in ND-Haus and a Markt der Möglichkeiten for new members on Saturday

If you need any more information about any of these events, please check us on the Internet or send us a message

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals



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Looking back at Hermsdorf and coming up

We had a great time in Hermsdorf last week-end. You can find extended minutes of what we discussed here. And lots of photos here.
The next thing we’re organising is a stall at the Fest der Linken on Saturday on Rosa Luxemburg Platz. If you can help, please enter your name in the shift plan here. We’ll be sharing our stall with the newly formed Brazilian committee for solidarity with Lula.
At the Fest der Linken there will be the German premiere of Michelangelo Severgnini’s film Reserve Slaves about refugees in Southern Italy. It will be showing in Karl Liebknecht Haus at 1pm. If you can’t make it, or want to see it in a “proper” cinema, it will be showing in the Moviemento cinema on Thursday night. Michelangelo will be present at both showings. More info here.
On Monday at our next regular meeting, Erkin Erdogan, speaker of the Berlin HDP/HDK will be talking about Turkey after the elections (7pm at Die LINKE Neukölln) . You can watch the election results with the HDP/HDK on Sunday night.
And last but definitely not least, as a result of children being caged on the US border, several actions have been called. Friday at the US embassy and on 30th June (parallel to big demos in the US), details to be confirmed. It would be great to see as many people as possible there