Want to get more involved with Die LINKE Berlin Internationals? Now’s your chance

The LINKE Berlin Internationals is getting better organised. For the past few years, we’ve offered a monthly meeting on international politics, as well as occasional public meetings and cultural events. We have recently set up an organising committee to broaden our scope and to get more people involved.
The organising committee met this week and decided on the following focus points between now and the European elections in May 2019:
     · Better networking of “exile” organisations in Berlin so that we can work better together
     · Left election campaign for the European elections. This will include producing leaflets about voting rights and who to vote for, better understanding of the campaigns and manifestos of international left parties, and contributing our international perspective to the campaign of die LINKE in Germany.
     ·  Quarterly public meetings on European politics. From now until the EU election, we will be organising regular public meetings in German with international speakers, covering topics which will be crucial in the coming elections. The first of this meetings will be on March 14th in Karl Liebknecht Haus on Abortion Rights in Europe.
We will, of course, continue with our monthly meetings (fourth Monday each month at Die LINKE Neukölln) and other occasional events. We will mobilise for and build blocks on important demonstrations and actions.
Key to organising our future activities will be our week-end retreat in Hermsdorf on 16-17 June. We have booked the Naturfreunde Haus for the week-end. On the Saturday we will be relaxing, and on Sunday we’ll be discussing how we concretely make the above plans work. Everyone is invited to join us, and unless we get way more people than expected, we’ll be covering all accommodation costs.
Between now and then, we have set up three working groups to prepare our activities:
     · Networking group to improve contact with other organisations.
     · Public Meeting group to set up a programme for the quarterly public meetings.
     · Hermsdorf group to prepare a programme for the week-end retreat.
If you’re interested in getting more involved, and particularly if you want to work on one of these groups, please get in touch. We’ve also identified a few other areas (like working on our Website, facebook page and a Newsletter) where all help is appreciated.
Your next chance to meet the group as a whole is at our meeting on Abortion Rights in Germany in Die LINKE Neukölln offices on Monday 26 February, Wipperstraße 6 (S- and U-Bahn Neukölln). We’ll also be on the streets this coming Saturday. The AfD have outrageously called a march for women, and we’ll be joining other organisations in protesting, and trying to stop them. Meeting point: Landwehrkanal (bridge over the river Spree at U-Bahn Hallesches Tor) at 13.45
DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
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Organising the LINKE Berlin Internationals

Hi folks

A couple of weeks ago, we had a small meeting to plan our year. The results of that meeting are at the bottom of this message, but let‘s start talking about one decision now. We want to set up a small group to organise what our group does. This organising group will meet once a month, in between our normal meetings (fourth Monday of the month in DIE LINKE Neukölln). The next meeting will be on Sunday, 11 February at Dani Moti‘s house.

If you‘d like to be more involved in this group, please reply to this message, and we can send you more information. If you‘re sort of interested but can‘t commit so much time, here are 2 other things you can do:

  • come to our week-end retreat in the countryside in June. This is where we have more time to get to know each other and make more long-term planning: 
  • Look at the minutes of the last meeting at the bottom of this message. We‘ve identified a number of areas where we want to improve what we do. If one or other appeals to you, please get in touch

As said, the orga group will meet again this Sunday. The main discussion will be on making what we discussed last time really happen. Here are minutes of the last meeting:

Dear comrades and friends.

This is just a short summary of results of the orga meeting we had last week. If you wanna get involved in the one or other thing, please get in touch with the person responsable, see name in brackets:

  • We will set up a mapping of our links to left parties, organisations and initiatives and also indicate missing links to be built up in Berlin  (Dani M) 
  • We are planning on organizing quarterly meetings on the European Union as public events in German, using our expertise and connections to different people and groups as a contribution to DIE LINKEs debate on EU-elections in May 2019 (Judith)
  • Besides our monthly meetings on the 4th Monday of each month, we want to have orga meetings in between, ca. every 2 weeks, in order to prepare our meetings and share responsibilities better  (Phil) 
  • We will set up a list of responsibilities arising from the LAG work and coordination and encourage people to get involved (Phil)
  • We will set up a calender of our and general political events of interest in order to plan our activities and keep a good overview of things  (Judith and Phil)
  • Since it was so much fun and we had good political debates in a nice atmosphere and surrounding: We decided to go on a weekend retreat to Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf again (in Reinickendorf district, north of Berlin) on 16-17 June. Please reserve the date. More info will follow soon
  • Next orga meeting: 11 Februar, 11h at Danis place


Judith and Phil

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Fighting racism in Berlin

Hi everyone

After the electoral success of the AfD, its time to be vigilant in the fight against racism. Fortunately, there‘s plenty going on.

On 17 March, its the International Day against Racism, with activities in many cities worldwide. On Monday 12 February there‘ll be a meeting to decide what will happen in Berlin. 6.30 in the ver.di Haus Paula-Thiede-Ufer 10 (near S-Bahn Ostbahnhof). The meeting will be in German, but we can help translate if necessary. The more people are there, the better chance we have of a significant event.

On 17 February the AfD is daring to organise a women‘s march. We can‘t let them get away of using the fight for women‘s rights to promote their racist agenda. There‘s a counter-demo organised at 2pm at Mehringplatz. Watch this facebook event for more information –  – we‘ll also post more as soon as we know.

Don‘t forget our other coming meetings

– on Friday an evening with Jackie Walker 

– Monday 26 February – Abortion rights in Germany

And watch this space for a panel discussion on the fight for abortion rights in Europe.

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals



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A few meetings on Palestine

Hi to everyone, especially new people on our mailing list.

If you left your mail address but are not reading this, then I‘m not sure how much this message helps :). Let‘s just say that some of you have handwriting that‘s nearly as bad as mine. If you‘re reading this message on social media and want to be on our mailing list, please send your real address to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de

Anyway, here‘s today‘s news. We‘re having a meeting on Sunday to plan our year, and there‘ll be a message about that soon. But if you can‘t wait for that, here‘s some events around Israel/Palestine.

  • Next Tuesday, 30th January, The Coalition Berlin is organising a birthday party for Ahed Tamimi, the 16 year old (soon 17 year old), who‘s facing trial for slapping an Israeli soldier). Its part of an international day of action for Ahed, and starts at 8pm in the Café Plume, Warthestraße 60.
  • On Friday, 9th February, we‘ll be organising a Stammtisch with Jackie Walker, a black Jewish member of Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour party. Jacky is the former vice-chair of Momentum, and is being threatened with being thrown our of the Labour Party due to unfounded allegations of anti-semitism. Its also in the Café Plume and starts at 7.30pm. More Info at
  • Jackie will also be speaking at the „In the time of the Slanderers“ conference on 10 February  and will be performing her play „The Lynching“, based on her experience on 11 February (organised by the Jewish Antifa). We strongly encourage people to attend both events

That‘s it for now. As said, more information about our plans for 2018 coming soon



DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals



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January/February with the LINKE Berlin Internationals

There‘s a load going on in the next couple of weeks. Here‘s just a taster.

 26230347_10155220100645544_482841564468332358_n There‘s no end of demos this week-end:

 180101135034-iran-protests-1024x576b On Monday we have our monthly meeting. This month, Iranian activist Pazhareh Heidari will be talking about the protests there. Die LINKE Neukölln offices, Wipperstraße 6 at 7pm. More Info at 
 i-zmDSkjj-X3 On Thursday The Coalition Berlin will be having its monthly Stammtisch. There‘ll be analysis of the Women‘s march, talk about anti-racist work in 2018 and just possibly a special guest (watch this space for more information). More information here 
 26230788_732651053599746_3865405944674415077_n On Saturday, 27 January. Podemos Berlin will be having a meeting on Catalonia with Javier Perez Royo, Raul Zelik and Inma Montray Grino. In Spanish with translation into German. 6pm in the vierte Welt at Kotbusser Tor 
 11659220_824323854303936_4170540410832001865_n On Thursday, 1 February, Jacobin Berlin are organising a meeting with our very own Victor Grossman. 7pm in Hopscotch, Kurfurstenstraße 14 . Victor‘s regular Berlin Bulletin is available to read here.
 jackie_walker_sbwlh3-2b And on Friday, 9th February, we‘re organising a Stammtisch with Jackie Walker. Jackie is a black, jewish woman, the former vice-chair of Momentum and is currently being threatened with expulsion from the Labour Party for unfounded allegations of „anti-semitism“. There‘ll be plenty to talk about, 7.30pm in Café Plume 

Jackie will also be speaking at the „Zeit der Verleumder“ conference in Berlin on 10 February, along with Moshe Zuckermann, Rolf Becker, Esther Bejarano, Moshé Machover and others. To be sure of a place at the conference, send a mail to pka@projektkritischeaufklaerung.de by 1 February

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals



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January/February 2018 with the LINKE Berlin Internationals

Hallo everyone

Happy New Year. This is the first mailing of 2018 about activities around the LINKE Berlin Internationals. Hope to see you at one or more of the following events.

26171993_10155304096418434_5184950756377871921_o On this Sunday, 14th January, we‘ll giving out flyers for our coming meetings at the LINKE Jahresauftakt. If you want to help, we‘ll be outside the Cosmos (Karl Marx Allee 131A, U-Bahn) from about 1pm

As well as various speakers from Die LINKE, Jean-Luc Melenchon will be there. Entry is free, but its wise to book a ticket to be sure of getting in.

More Info here

 Jacobin_logo-signature-white-f_feature-6ca2fa0b2175370416a734b6d78500c9 On Wednesday, 17th January, there‘s the next Jacobin reading group on Identity Politics. Its in the Bilgasaray, Oranienstraße 184 at 7pm.

We‘ll post the texts here as soon as they‘re available. You can already find a long list of articles on the subject by following that link.

 180101135034-iran-protests-1024x576b On Monday, 22nd January, we will be having our monthly meeting in DIE LINKE Neukölln offices, Wipperstraße 6 at 7pm.

Pazhareh Heidari, an activist from Iran will be talking about the current protests, what internationalists should say and what we can do.

More Information here.

22march8-superJumbo On Sunday, 21st January, there will be a demo to commemorate the year‘s anniversary of the women‘s march on Washington. 11am at Brandenburger Tor

And on the following Thursday, 25th January, the Coalition against Trump will be having its monthly Stammtisch. 7pm in Café Plume, Warthestraße 60.

 jackie_walker_sbwlh3-2b Finally for this round of invites, on Friday, 9th February, we‘ll be organising our own Stammtisch with Jackie Walker, Labour Party member and former vice-chair of Momentum.

Its also in the Café Plume at 7.30pm. More information here.

And if you come along, prepare to stay a while as I‘ll be celebrating my birthday in the same venue directly afterwards.

In Solidarity


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