Coming up with the LINKE Internationals

Hi everyone

Here’s our weekly summary of some of the meetings and events coming up in Berlin soon.

The big one, as far as we’re concerned, is the debate that we’re organising on Brexit. This Wednesday, in Karl Liebknecht Haus, Labour MEP Julie Ward and the LINKE Bundestag speaker on Europe, Andrej Hunko will be talking about what Brexit means for the left in Britain and worldwide. The meeting will be fully translated into English and German.

You can help us in our last push to advertising the meeting. Please like and share the facebook event, send people to our Website and we’ve even made some pretty pictures that you can share 

We also have some printed flyers to give out (please contact us to get some).

There’s other things going on as well:

  • This afternoon there’s a dance demo against gentrification. It kicks off at 3pm at U-Bahn Eberswalderstraße and will make its way to Moritzplatz.
  • Tomorrow, Sunday 9 September, there is a Brazilian festival of resistance at KunstHaus Kule, Auguststraße 10. It starts at 2pm and there’ll be a Cortejo (mini-demo) at 5.30.
  • On Tuesday, 11 September there’s a rally at Brandenburger Tor to commemorate the “other 11ths September” when tens of thousands of Chilean leftists were murdered in 1973, and calling for no more coups in Latin America. It starts at 8pm.
  • From 13-16 September there’s the LINKE Woche der Zukunft and the Über:Morgen conference by the rosa luxemburg conference (if you want to know why its being advertised with 2 different names, its about funding), Its in the ND buildings on Franz-Mehring Platz, and there’ll be a number of international speakers. 
  • On 15 September there’s the first ever Stettin Pride festival. There’ll be a delegation going from Berlin. For more information, follow this link 
  • On Saturday, 22 September there’s a Day of Action for Reproductive Rights, including a demonstration against the bigoted “March for Life”. Meet us and Brandenburger Tor at 12 noon. More info here
  • On Monday, 24 September, there’s our next “proper” meeting. We’re organising a panel on Reproduction Rights in Latin America in Karl Liebknecht Haus. More information here: 
  • And on Saturday, 29 September at 12 noon there’s the Erdogan Not Welcome demo at Neptunenbrunnen 


Hope to see you at one or more of these events

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals in August and September

Hi everyone, especially the people who signed up to this list at last week‘s meeting introducing the group. We‘ll be posting pictures and the presentations from that meeting on our Website soon.

This is just a brief summary of the meetings that we are organising in the next couple of months. We‘ll be producing a leaflet about this meetings which will hopefully be available at our meeting on Monday, and definitely at the peace festival at Petersburger Platz in Friedrichshain on Sunday afternoon, 2 September.

  • On Monday 27 August, Nadjat Hamdi from the Daughters of Saguia and Rio will be talking about Western Sahara – the forgotten conflict. This meeting will be in Die LINKE Neukölln offices, Wipperstraße 6, near Neukölln station 
  • On Thursday, 12 September we are organising a discussion on EU financial and economic politics in times of Brexit. Labour MEP Julie Ward and LINKE MP Fabio de Masi will be speaking in Karl Liebknecht Haus. Translation will be provided into English and German 
  • On Monday, 24 September, we are organising a panel discussion on Reproductive Rights in Latin America with Cecilia Maas from Argentina, Kristina Hinz, a researcher into feminism in Brazil and a speaker from Frente Amplio in Chile. NOTE: this meeting is not in die LINKE Neukölln as normal but in Karl Liebknecht Haus
  • For our October and November meetings we will have speakers from Britain and France on Parties and Social Movements – the lessons from Momentum and France Insoumise, and Clara Bünger will be speaking on Can you have immigration controls that aren‘t racist?


If anyone out there wants to help us more, we will be having an Organising meeting in the first week of September. If you‘d like to come, please contact us and fill in this Doodle.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals

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Who are the LINKE Berlin Internationals? And other meetings this week

Want to know more about how non-Germans can get more involved in German politics? Not sure whether die LINKE is the thing for you? Want to know who it is who keeps sending you all these messages?

Well, on Thursday (23 August), here’s your chance to find out. Judith Benda and Phil Butland, the co-speakers of the LINKE Berlin Lnternationals will be introducing a discussion on What is die LINKE? Who are die Berlin LINKE Internationals?

It’s in the Luxemburg Saal of Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz, and it all starts at 7pm. 


Then on Monday 27th, Nadjat Hamdi from the Daughters of Saguia and Rio will be talking about Western Sahara – the forgotten conflict. At the meeting we’ll also be discussing our attitude to Sahra Wagenknecht’s new Aufstehen movement.

This will be at 7pm in our normal meeting place of die LINKE Neukölln offices at Wipperstraße 6 (S- and U-Bahn Neukölln)


By the way, for everyone who was on the anti-Nazi demos on Saturday, or if you weren’t there but want to know what happened, this will be the major talking point at the monthly Stammtisch of the Coalition – an international alliance of activists who we support. It’s at 8pm at the Jägerklause in Friedrichshain (Grünbergerstraße 1).

It seems that Saturday’s Nazi march was only possible due to active support from the Berlin police. Here’s our contribution to the general discussion . And here are  some pretty pictures of the demo by renowned Egyptian journalist Hossam El-Hamalawy


  Hope to see you at one or more of these events

Support a woman’s right to choose. Events coming up in Berlin

Hi everyone

There are a number of events coming up in Berlin around a woman’s right to choose. Here are just some of them:

On Wednesday, the Argentinian Senate will probably be voting on whether to ratify the new law legalising abortion in some cases. Its all on a knife edge at the moment, so there will be solidarity rallies worldwide, including at Brandenburger Tor at 6pm

And then on Thursday, the Berlin-Ireland Pro-Choice group is organising a Pro-Choice Picnic at Hasenheide in Neukölln

On the same evening, the Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung is organising a Queer-feminist badge and stencil workshop at Bernkastelerstraße 78

This is all a run up to a German day of action on 22 September, including actions against the planned demonstration by anti-choice bigots including many prominent AfD members

Die LINKE Internationals will be making our contribution with a panel discussion on reproductive rights in Latin America on 24 September, with speakers from Argentina, Brazil and Chile . Kristina Hinz and Cecilia Maas who will be speaking at this meeting have written a short introduction to the current situation in Latin America

Hope to see you soon