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Hi everyone

Welcome to the weekly newsletter of Die LINKE Berlin Internationals with recommendations for coming events.

  • We’ll start with tomorrow, Sunday 11th November, with our very own afternoon of creativityWe’ve decided that we don’t have enough colourful banners and posters for demos, so we’re getting together in die LINKE Neukölln offices, Wipperstraße 6 and making some new ones. Everyone’s invited to come along Bring snacks and music. It starts at 3pm.

  • On Tuesday, November 13th there’s the next Jacobin Reading Group on Kids and Parents under Socialism. 7pm at MaHalle. More information and texts are available at

  • Also on Tuesday, November 13th Professor Richard Falk is in town. He’ll be talking on Challenging Israeli Apartheidat 7.30pm. The venue hasn’t been announced yet, but you can follow the facebook event at

  • On Friday, November 16th, Aufstehen gegen Rassismus and the Bündnis Neukölln are organising an anti-fascist evening stroll. Its a response to the growth of the AfD and an increased Nazi presence in Schillerkiez and starts at 8pm at Herrfurthplatz

  • On 16-17 November, die LINKE is organising a conference about refugee rights: Humanity not isolation(Menschlichkeit statt Abschottung). Its in the Hochshule für Wirtschaft und Recht and will be in German, but if you need translation, please contact us and we’ll try to organise something

  • On Tuesday November 20th, we’ll be having our next organising meeting. This is where we get together to plan future activities of the group, and see how previous activities have gone. This month we’ll be largely planning our intervention in next year’s EU election. If you’d like to come, send a mail to We’ll be deciding a venue soon.

  • On Wednesday, November 21st, The Coalition has its monthly Stammtisch where activists can get together, plan future activities and drink beer. This month, South African radical film maker Rehad Desai may be coming along (see tomorrow’s event for more info). It may or may not be in the Jägerklause. Watch this space for more information.

  • And on Thursday, November 22nd, Rehad – the director of the marvellous Miners Shot Down – will be showing the German premiere of his new film “Everything must fall”. Its at 8pm in the Hackescher Hof cinema. Rehad will be answering questions after the film, then we’re talking him and anyone who’d like to join us for informal drinks.

    There’s a brief description of the film in the facebook event, but we’ll also be publishing a review of the film and an exclusive interview with Rehad on our Website soon.

  • On Saturday, November 25th, Die LINKE is organising a conference Europa anders machen to prepare next year’s EU election campaign. We’ll be there to provide the perspective of non-German EU citizens (who get to vote this time). Please contact us if you want to join us, especially if you need translation. Its from 11am till 5pm in the Sharehaus Refugio

  • The day after, Sunday November 26th, the Schaubühne theatre is organising its own conference on the European Left. What left do we want? (Welche Linke wollen wir?) will be in German, English and French and speakers include Katja Kipping, Didier Eribon and Danielle Obono)

  • On Monday, November 27th, we have our next full meeting. Human rights lawyer Clara Bünger will be addressing the question Can you have Migration Controls that aren’t racist? Its in Die LINKE Neukölln offices in Wipperstraße 6, and starts at 7pm

  • On 1 December we’ll be having our non-Christmas party, the KeihnachtsfestAmongst the drink, raffle and general jollity, we’ll have live music from Brazilian singer Telma and left-wing German hip-hop from the Tsootsies. Its in CaféPlume, Warthestraße 60, and gets going at 8pm.

  • Finally for this list, from 7-9 December die LINKE.SDS will be having their conference: 1968, History is made with a whole range of speakers.

A last request to everyone who’s interested in our monthly meetings. We’ve started to get too big for the LINKE Neukölln offices and are thinking of moving venue. January’s meeting on the Arab Spring has already been moved to Karl Liebknecht Haus because of the amount of online interest.

As we may be moving venue, its a good time to check that the timing is good for everyone. We currently meet on the fourth Monday of each month. If that’s a problem with you, please get in touch. Similarly, if this is absolutely perfect for you, let us know, so we have an overview of whether we should change. Thanks for your support.

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November with the LINKE Berlin Internationals

Hi everyone

Here’s our weekly recommendation of just some of the many political events coming up in Berlin.

This evening at 6pm, activists from Ferguson and St Louis Missouri will be speaking about the Lessons from Ferguson in the Hopscotch Reading Rooms
Its looking like the room might not be big enough to hold everyone, so be sure to book in advance by sending a mail to There’s also the chance to hear more from them on Monday (see below).

  • Tomorrow, Sunday, the Spanish leftist Izquierdo Unido are organising a Tour Republicano starting at Friedrichsfelde cemetary at 11am 

  • Later on on Sunday there’s a rally to show resistance to Brazil’s new president Bolsonaro. 3pm at Hermannplatz 

  • And on Monday, The Coalition and Theater X are organising a workshop in Grassroots Organizing with some of the Missouri activists who’ll be at tonight’s meeting. Its at 8pm in Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32 (S-Bahn Beusselstraße) 

  • On Friday evening, file under “how is this happening?”, Nazis will be trying to march on the anniversary of Kristallnacht. Some of the details of the counter-protests are still sketchy, but you can get the latest information here 

  • Next Sunday, November 11th, we’ll be having an afternoon of creativity where we’ll be making new banners and posters. Everyone’s invited to come along and bring some snacks and music of your choice. We’re starting at 3pm in die LINKE Neukölln offices, Wipperstraße 6. 

  • On Tuesday, November 13th there’s the next Jacobin Reading Group on Kids and Parents under Socialism. 7pm at MaHalle. More information and texts are available here.

  • Our next organising meeting is on Tuesday, November 20th. This month’s meeting will be largely concerned with what we’ll be doing around next month’s EU elections. The orga meetings are open to anyone who’s interested. Send us a mail for more information.

  • On Wednesday, November 21st, The Coalition has its monthly Stammtisch where activists can get together, plan future activities and drink beer. From 7.30pm in the Jägerklause, Grünbergerstraße 1.

  • Finally, 2 dates for your diaries. Our next full meeting is on Monday 26th where human rights lawyer Clara Bünger will be addressing the question Can you have Migration Controls that aren’t racist? And on 1 December we’ll be having our non-Christmas party, the Keihnachtsfest, with music from Telma Savietto and the Tsootsies. 


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Coming Up

Want to demonstrate in the next couple of days? Here’s a few suggestions:

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm there’s a demonstration outside the US embassy near Brandenburger Tor against the Trump administration’s attack on Trans rights 

And on Tuesday, 30th October, there’ll be at least 2 protests at the summit that Angela Merkel is having with African heads of state:

– By activists from West Sahara (including some who spoke at a recent meeting we organised) from 9am to 11am at the corner of Lindenstraße and Wilhelmstraße.

and by Egyptian activists at 2pm at the Kanzleramt 

The demo organisers would appreciate your support at all these demos

Remember that next week-end there will be 2 meetings with activists from Ferguson, Missouri – on Saturday at 6pm at the Hopcotch Reading Room and on Monday 5th at 8pm at Theater X 

Finally for today, earlier this week we said that our next organising meeting would be on Monday 19th November. Its looking increasingly likely that it will be on Tuesday 20th. Our organising meetings are open to everyone who’s interested – if you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

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The next few weeks with the LINKE Berlin Internationals

Hi there, especially everyone who’s new here (this week we welcome both the 500th person on our mailing list and our 1500th like on facebook). Here’s a summary of some of the events coming up in the next few weeks:

Tomorrow, Wednesday 24 October, there’s a benefit against the far right. Its at Hallesches Haus on Tempelhofer Ufer 1 (U-Bahn Hallesches Tor) from 7pm. Its free entry and all money raised will go to The Coalition who do sterling work fighting Global Trumpism

If you don’t fancy that, tomorrow also sees the next meeting of the Jacobin reading group. The subject is Kids and Parenting under socialism. You can find more info and the texts here.

On Saturday night, there’s the next film offered by SoulKino. Días de Lucha, Días de Luto – unter dem Plastik der Strand is showing in the Coop Cafe, Rochstraße 3 from 7pm. More Information here

On Tuesday 30th October, Eyptian activists are demonstrating against the state visit of the dictator El-Sisi. From 2pm at the Kanzleramt behind the German parliament. More information here.

On Saturday 3rd November, anti-racist activists from Ferguson, Missouri will be talking about the Lessons from Ferguson. From 6pm in the Hopscotch Reading Room, Kurfürstenstraße 14. More information here.

On Sunday 11th November we’ll be having an Afternoon of Creativity from 3pm in the LINKE Neukölln offices (Wipperstraße 6). Basically, we want to make some new banners and placards, so we’ll be playing some music and being artistic. 

On Monday 19th November from 7pm, we’ll be having our next organizing meeting. Our organising meetings are where we plan our future meetings and activities and are open to anyone who’s interested. This month we’ll be spending particular attention to our plans for next year’s EU election. We haven’t fixed a venue yet, but if you’re interested in getting an invite and suggested agenda, please contact us on

On Saturday, 24th November, die LINKE is organising a kick-off conference to prepare for the EU election campaign. Europa anders machen is in the Sharehaus Refugio, Lenaustraße 3-4, and will be in German. We’ll have a presence – if you want to join us get in touch

The day after, Sunday 25th November, the Schaubühne theatre is hosting its own conference Welche Linke brauchen wir? It will be in German and French, and will feature international speakers like Didier Eribon, Danielle Obono and Katja Kipping 

Our next full meeting will be on Monday, 26th November, as ever in die LINKE Neukölln offices in Wipperstraße 6. Clara Bünger, co-founder and board member Refugee Law Clinics Abroad will be addressing the question Can you have immigration controls that aren’t racist? 

And on Saturday 1st December. we’ll be having our non-Christmas party, the Keihnachtsfest. There’ll be live music from the Tsootsies and Telma Savietto, a raffle and punch. It all starts at 8pm at Café Plume, Warthestraße 60 

In case you’re looking at all this and thinking, “how can I get more involved?” we may be able to help. We have just set up a team to update our Website and will be setting up a similar group to work with other European parties around next year’s EU election. We’re also always looking to publish articles – either written by yourself or from sources that you recommend. If you want to know more or have any other suggestions, please get in touch.

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Demo, meeting and making banners

Hi everyone
Remember that on Saturday 20th there’s the Rescue the Rescuers demo in solidarity with refugee activists who’ve been imprisoned in Greece. Our Elena will be one of the speakers. Read here latest article on the subject here.
We’ll be meeting at 1pm at the Neptunenbrunnen, which is near Alexanderplatz station in front of the Rotes Rathaus with a banner and flyers for our next meetings.
Speaking of which, we’ll be meeting next Monday at 7pm at die LINKE Neukölln offices in Wipeperstraße 6. Speakers from Britain, France and Spain will be speaking on Parties and Social Movements: the lessons from Momentum, La France Insoumise and Podemos. As ever, everyone is welcome.
At the end of that meeting, we’ll be voting for our delegate to die LINKE Berlin party conference. It makes things a lot easier if we know in advance who is planning on standing, so if you’d like to be our delegate (or reserve), or just want to know more, please get in touch.
Finally, Save the Date. We want to create some new banners and placards to take to demos. To do this, we’re having an Artistic Day on Sunday, 11 November where we’ll play some music and get creative.We’ll be there between 3pm and 7pm.
Hope to see you at some of these eventa
Die LINKE Berlin Internationals
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Photos from the #unteilbar demo and much more

Hi everyone

We’ve published an online gallery of photographs from yesterday’s #unteilbar demo. Thanks to the many people who’ve allowed us to use photos from the different blocks 

There are a few new articles on our Website which are relevant to yesterday’s demo:

– LINKE MP Christine Buchholz gives an interview about the rise of the far right 

– Victor Grossman talks about the aftermath of Chemnitz 

– and Elena Gagovska tells us about the imprisonment of Sara Mardini and Séan Binder in Greece for helping refugees. We hope to see you on the demo for Sara and Séan in Berlin next Saturday 

Remember that our next meeting is on Monday 22nd October in the LINKE Neukölln offices. Activists from Britain, France and Spain will be talking about the experiences of Momentum, France Insoumise and Podemos 

Hope to see you there


Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

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