What we’re up to – report from our recent organising meeting

1.       General organising – Telegram group

We’re experiencing meeting overload, especially as most people are involved in other initiatives as well. So, we are going to set up a new Telegram group where we can do most of our day-to-day organising.

We hope that this can replace future organising meetings (next one was planned for October 14th) and give us more time for our other activities

If you’d like to join this group, please send your phone number to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de

2.       Climate Strike this Friday

We urge anyone who can to take part in the Climate strike and demo on Friday. It starts at Brandenburger Tor at 12 noon. The LINKE meeting point is at the [solid] stall on Brandenburger Tor at 11.30

3.       Pro-Choice Demo on Saturday

Its going to be a busy long week-end. On Saturday there are important demos against the Christian fundamentalist “Lebensschützer”. We’ll be joining the Büdnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung at 12 noon at Washingtonplatz behind the Hauptbahnhof.

More info (in German) here

If you can help carry our banner, or give out leaflets about our future meetings, please get in touch.

4.       Meeting on Monday: Reproductive Rights and the coming Poland elections

As well as our Hanna, Joanna Bronowicka, RAZEM candidate in the elections will be speaking.

Its at 7pm in the Roter Laden. Please share this facebook event

5.       3 October Victor Grossman book presentation AND fair rents demo

On reunification day (3rd October) Victor Grossman will be presenting his new autobiography in the Roter Laden as planned.

However, we’ve put back the start time to 5pm.

This is because Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen have called an important demo for fair rents.

It starts at 1pm in front of the Berlin Congress Centre opposite Alexa, so you’ll have time to go to both. More info here.

6.       Meeting on October 28th

For our October meeting, we’re still trying to find a speaker on the Hong Kong rebellion. We’re still chasing up some leads but still have no definite speaker. If anyone has any contacts who may be able to speak, please let us know.

If we fail to get someone about Hong Kong, we’re considering asking Thom to speak on the campaign against rent increases in Berlin (this depends on DWE not having a meeting that night. Thom is looking into it).

For the November meeting, Carol McGuigan from Labour Berlin will be speaking on Britain after Brexit.

7.       Conference in 2020

We’re planning on organising a conference in the first half of 2020 with actors from recent social upheavals and revolutions (Sudan, Egypt, Iran, Latin America, …) Its early days yet, but there is the possibility of getting sponsorship from the rosa luxemburg stiftung. If we need to do this, we need to have a proposed programme soon.

Phil and Dimitra have made some rough suggestions, but we need to sit together to get something more concrete and talk about possible partners. So, we’d like to sit together later this month.

If you’d like to join this discussion, please fill in this dudle.

8.       Not-Christmas Party / Keihnachtsfest

We have made a decision. This year’s party will be in Café Plume on Saturday, 7th December.

If you’d like to help out, get in touch. We also have a budget for live music and other fun stuff, so if you know any musicians who may like to perform, please send your suggestions.

9.       Budget

Now’s about the time that we make our budget proposal for next year and see if we’ve spent everything from this year’s budget.

For the first half of next year, we have 3 concrete plans:

·         Meeting with the lawyer from the trial against Golden Dawn in Greece and someone who’s worked on the NSU affair in Germany (Dimitra has contact with the Greek lawyer)

·         Meeting with the president of the Belgian Workers’ Party (Judith has contact)

·         Conference (see above)

If we still have money this year, we’d like to get the following

·         New visiting cards (we’re running out of the first ones, and some of the information is out-of-date)

·         Stickers, lots of stickers

Phil will talk to Ferran about what our budget is looking like.

10.   Theatre Project 19th October

Our friends at Gabriela Germany and Migrante Europe are currently organising a Theater performance about the campaign against the Extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. It should take place on October 19th in Berlin.

We are supporting this performance, and will talk to people from Gabriela about what we can do concretely. If you’d like to be involved, let us know.

LINKE Berlin Internationals
Join our mailing list – send a mail to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de

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