Newsletter 23 August 2019

Here’s our weekly recommendation of activities and meetings in and around Berlin.

This week’s newsletter is going out early as we’ll be demonstrating in Dresden against racism.

  • Two days after the demo on Monday 26th August, Corinna Genschel, who represents die LINKE in the #unteilbar alliance will be speaking to us about #unteilbar and the role of die LINKE in the fight against racism
  • 4th September will be the tenth anniversary of the Kundus massacre in Afghanistan which resulted in the most people being killed by German soldiers since the second world war. We’re organising a special meeting on Kundus with Christine Buchholz MP, who represented die LINKE in the parliamentary commission on Kundus. It will be in Karl-Liebknecht Haus, starting at 7pm. The meeting will be in German with translation into English available.
  • On 23rd September, Hanna Grześkiewicz and possibly other guests will be speaking on Reproductive rights and the coming Polish election
  • And save the date: 3rd October will be a public holiday for Reunification day. In the afternoon, Victor Grossman will be presenting his new memoir A Socialist Defector: From Harvard to Karl-Marx-Allee in the Roter Laden

If you have any events that you’d like us to tell people about, send a mail to


And now here’s a nice bulleted list of more events that are coming up in Berlin:


Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

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