G20 Demo and Counter-Summit

Hi everyone

On 8 July there’ll be the G20 summit in Hamburg. 100,000 are expected to demonstrate against Donald Trump and the other heads of state responsible for destroying our planet. For details of buses from Berlin see https://busse.g20-demo.de/fahrten/BER03/Berlin,0.html. If you’d like to travel together, please contact us at lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de

For those of you who can travel a little earlier, its worth visiting the counter-summit on 5-6 July (http://solidarity-summit.org/en/). Here’s our recommendation for some of the workshops there:

Wednesday 5 July

10 am Opening panel: Globalization reloaded—The G20 and global crisis management
Kampnagel, K6, Jarrestraße 20
with Vandana Shiva, Patrick Bond and others

4.30 pm: Panel 3: Peace politics beyond NATO and the militarization of the EU — Alternatives for peace
Kampnagel K2, Jarrestraße 20
with Ann Wright, Rainer Braun and others

7pm: Information meeting about the G20 protests organised by DIE LINKE Hamburg
Denk(t)räume“, Grindelallee 43


Thursday 6 July

9am New paths for a Europe from below – How to organise and mobilise transnationally in the current global context
Alabama Kinosaal, Jarrestraße 20
Organised by Blockupy International

11.30am Meeting for International activists
Here is the space to exchange final questions, concerns, updates within the international circle.
Location to be announced but it will be at the site of the Global Solidarity Summit.

1pm How do we fight the different faces of the far-right?
Barmbek BASCH, room 2, Wohldorfer Str. 30
With international speakers – co-organised by our allies in The Coalition (against Trump)

3pm The working class and climate justice. Do they belong together?
Zinnschmelze, room 1, Maurienstraße 19,
With Tadzio Müller, John Sinha and others

4.30 pm Cooperation, not confrontation—How can we implement common security as a paradigm for future policy?
Kampnagel, K6, Jarrestraße 20
With Norman Paech, Kate Hudson, Ann Wright and others

7.30pm Final panel discussion: For Global Solidarity – with a Progressive International? Strategies against Neoliberalism and the Far Right.
Kampnagel, K6, Jarrestraße 20

This is a first set of recommendations after looking at the initial programme. If you have any further recommendations, please get in touch. Please also contact us about going to the counter-summit together and/or meeting up there.

PS don’t forget as a warm-up for the G20, we’ll be having a drink with Unjum Mirza, socialist, trade unionist and anti-racist activist from London. Unjum will be telling us about Jeremy Corbyn’s Britain after the election (and hopefully shortly before the next election). Its on Tuesday 4 July from 7pm in the Cantine Sociale (where we watched the election results), Tucholskystraße 32 (S-Bahn Oranienburgerstraße)

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
Join our mailing list – send a message to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de


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