Victor Grossman’s Berlin Bulletin

11659220_824323854303936_4170540410832001865_nVictor Grossman, long-standing US activist based in Berlin, and member of our group, sends out a regular bulletin to his friends and comrades to explain what is going on in German politics.

We are proud to announce that we will now be publishing all new bulletins from Victor on this Website. We will also soon be putting some of the more interesting  historic bulletins online.

You can see a recent video of Victor talking about the current political situation in Germany here.

Follow the links below to see each bulletin:


5 thoughts on “Victor Grossman’s Berlin Bulletin

  1. Hello Victor

    We have met three times earlier in Berlin. I have been there with teacher students from Norway. And you have told us about the life in former DDR (meetings at “DDR-cafés”). From 2nd – 4th of May I will visit Berlin with a new group of students, and I would be happy if you could give us a lecture this year, too. If this is possible, the best day for us would be Wednesday 4th of May.

    Best regards
    Leif Sletvold


    • @LEIF: I’m not sure whether Victor reads this page (after all he’s already written the bulletin before we put it online), but I’ll pass on your message to him. Its a shame you won’t be in Berlin for the 1 May festival


    • We have quite a few old bulletins on the Website. These are the ones that he gave to us. I can ask him if he’d like to make the rest available. We’d love to publish them


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