26 February 2017: SoulKino – Ingmar Bergman Special. Cinema in times of monsters.

16649214_376054739421323_7923104917989149727_nBerlin 1920s, Berlin 2020s. Same city, same crisis, same fears?

Next SoulKino will show Ingmar Bergman’s “The serpent’s egg“.
A thriller which impact makes us remember the actual political situation. Deaths in the borders, powerful figures with sexism and xenophobia as main goals and tributes to violence in a list that seems to grow day after day. – These won’t be our event’s protagonists.

We will invite activists from different backgrounds and organisations who are able to present us how it’s possible to change reality by solving local situations and underlining the political, global, meaning of these actions. On an discussion (in which no biological, social or legal categories are requested) we will talk about questions such as:

– What ways are open to fight for justice in Berlin?
– Is this situation new and only connected to AfD, Le Pen, Trump & Co.?
– What does it mean to be anti-establishment?
– Why do anti-democratic discourses win elections and progressive alternatives don’t?

We will also analize Ingmar Bergman’s work. Specially his ability to use cinema as a tool to transform society, as a whole, focusing on particular individuals.
What is the effect of public spaces that are used to share cinema when the threat on common welfare is on the political agendas?

Sunday, 26 February, from 7pm in B-Lage, Mareschstraße 1 (S-Bahn Sonnenallee)