23 and 28 June: Film RESERVE SLAVES

RESERVE SLAVES – a Michelangelo Severgnini documentary film

“In Libya, slavery has been restored. Europe caused it, allows it and benefits from it. In case of need, EU has its own reserve slaves just oversea”.

This is the message delivered to us by 3 african guys just landed in Sicily, after having crossed the desert and the sea and especially after being used as slaves in Lybia. The situation on the ground, out of control and managed by several local armed gangs, and the lack of a recognized government, create the conditions for slavery to be commonly accepted, becoming a regent part of the Libyan productive system.

However, what is the role of EU in this hell?

Italy has financed the Libyan militias and the prison centers (in fact colonies of slaves) with millions of euro to fight immigration. Italy has sold weapons to Saudi Arabia (500 million euros in the last 2 years), now ended up in the hands of the African armed groups of Libya, Niger and Mali. Tragicomically Italy has now deployed 500 Italian soldiers in Niger to oppose these gangs.

Italy has paid the biggest bribe in history (over 1 billion euros payed in 2011 by the ENI – national hydrocarbon institution) to the then Nigerian prime minister and the Nigerian oil minister to ensure the exploitation of an area off the coast of Nigeria.

Is this a shared paradigm? Are we preparing to accept slavery worldwide?

We are pleased to organise the first two screenings in Germany of the new film from Michelangelo Severgnini, who has previously made films about Podemos Berlin and the Gezi Park movement in Turkey:

Michelangelo will be coming from Italy to attend both screenings. The Thursday screening will be followed by a discussion with Michelangelo and a refugee living in Berlin.

Film trailer here