23 May: Jacobin Reading group on Imperialism

Our next Jacobin Reading Group meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 23rd at 19:00 at our usual Bilgisaray (Oranienstraße 194).

We’ll discuss imperialism and how to create international solidarity. Imperialism has been a core issue in left politics for decades. The USA as the leading imperialist power continues to shape, destroy and rebuild many regimes all around the world. In today’s world, it seems more difficult than ever to articulate a strong coherent left alternative, when the terms of the debate are so often set by other actors. Taking these difficulties into account, we’ll try to discuss the following questions (and more):
What is imperialism really, and how can the left organize to fight imperialism and that of the USA particularly? How can and should leftists take a position in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela and so forth? How does the “humanitarian discourse” work and what is the difference between liberal humanitarianism and left-wing international solidarity?

Please read the following 3 articles to prepare for the discussion:

When Humanitarianism Became Imperialism By Gregory Afinogenov

The Case Against Bombing Isis By Greg Shupak

The Left’s Missing Foreign Policy By Aziz Rana in N+1

Afterwards, everyone is welcome to join us for a drink at one of the many charming bars in the vicinity (Cafe Commune)