17 March 2016: Organising meeting

7pm till 9pm in the Roter Laden, Weidenweg 17 Friedrichshain (U-Bahn Weberweise).

Organising meetings are open to anyone interested in the activities of our group, but if you’re just interested in the discussion, or have limited time, please come to our regular  meeting on 22 March (see point 1 below). Here is our suggested agenda.

1.  Next LAG meeting: “Migrants, Refugees, Berliners: Affordable housing for all!” (22 March, with Thorsten Buhl (Friedrichshain Hilft) and Margarete Heitmüller (100% Tempelhofer Feld))
What do we want the speakers to say? How can we build the meeting?
2.  Carnival against Racism (20 March)
12h: CARNIVAL CAMP at Platz der Luftbrücke
14h: START OF THE DEMONSTRATION at Platz der Luftbrücke
The Carnival will see the first outing of our new banner, and we will have leaflets to give out. 
When and where do we want to meet. How do we do what we need to do?
Refugees Welcome 150dpi
3.  Stammtisch with Joseph Choonara (28 March in Co-op Café)
What do we want Joseph to talk about? (Joseph’s interview on Brexit is here:https://theleftberlin.wordpress.com/current-debates/brexit-and-the-british-left-a-debate-between-joseph-choonara-and-pete-green/)
4.  Workshop on the history of Die LINKE
Check the Dudle for the best date: 
 (REMINDER: we have extended the Dudle for a few days)
Who needs to do what to prepare for this workshop? Who do we want to invite?
5. Die LINKE Anti-war conference (18-19 March in ND Gebäude)
Programme here
Who’s going? Do we want to meet up? Recommendations for workshops/speakers?
6.  Cinema project: Soapbox pictures
How did “Girl’s Wings’ go? Miners Shot Down in April. Plans after April
7. Working on the Website
Who wants to work on our Website? What do we want to add? (eg controversial debates)
8.  Possible public meeting on Spain
(particularly interesting if there are new elections in June). Report from our discussions with the rosa Luxemburg stiftung
9.  Bernie Sanders and the US elections
Possible Phone-Banking from Berlin
LAG meeting in June with Victor?
10. French State of Emergency
What can we do in Berlin to protest? Possible photo action at the next meeting?
11. Meetings
Where and when do we want to have organising meetings?
The planned organising meeting in April clashes with a South Africa meeting we’re helping to organise. What do we do?
Do we want to have a Summer break? If so, when?