August 20: Changing the world starts here

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals are always active. So much so, that we sometimes don’t have the time to sit back and reflect on what we are doing and why.

This is why once a year we try to organise a meeting outside Berlin where we can sit down and chat about our plans for the future. This year we will be meeting on Sunday 20 August in Brandenburg (Havel). The suggested agenda is as follows:

  • What’s going on in the world? Everyone gets the chance to report on what’s happening in their country
  • The US Left under Trump Eye-witness account from last week’s conference of the Democratic Socialists of America from Julia Damphouse who was there as our observer
  • How did we get here? Brief history of the LINKE Berlin Internationals with founder-members Noemi Argerich and Phil Butland
  • The coming German elections Judith Benda, direct candidate in Neukölln introduces her campaign, while Ana Barrena and Ferat Kocak/Erkin Erdogan explain what’s already been planned in Podemos and the HDP/HDK
  • Future plans Working with other groups? Film shows? Changing the world. Our treasurer Ferran Cornella introduces a discussion about future activities
Everyone is invited, especially the organisations with which we have been working together: Podemos Berlin, the Front de Gauche, RAZEM, HDP, The Coalition, und und und. If you haven’t (yet) come to any of our meetings but want to know more about who you are, this is a great opportunity to chat in relative peace.

NOTE – Getting there:

We’re paying for group tickets for the train journey there and back but need to know how many people are travelling and which train they are taking. We have therefore set up a dudle.

One group is taking the 9.33 train from Alexanderplatz and arriving early to look round Brandenburg. A second group is taking the 10.33 train and going straight to the meeting.

Please enter your name and which train you will be taking by Friday evening 18 August. If you want to get on the train at a different station, we’ll be in the front carriage.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at