19th June: German elections – Can the “Corbyn effect” work here?

Meeting with Judith Benda, direct candidate Die LINKE Neukölln with Miriam Aced and Tina Lee from Migration voter

7pm in Die LINKE Neukölln offices, Wipperstraße 6 (S-,U-Bahn Neukölln)


Suddenly elections are exciting again. After the débacles in the USA and France, Jeremy Corbyn’s near miss showed that it is possible to run a mass, popular election campaign offering socialist policies. And, with a general election at the end of September, now its Germany’s turn.
DIE LINKE will be trying to bring the Corbyn-effect into their election campaign, not least in Neukölln, where JUDITH BENDA, speaker of DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals is the direct candidate. Judith will speaking at our next meeting on 19th June about her campaign, and how non-Germans can get involved.
It isn’t just the left who could benefit from the collapse of the political centre. The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is hoping to follow Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen and fight an election campaign based on hatred and racism. MIRIAM ACED and TINA LEE from https://migrationvoter.com/ will be looking at the AfD in the context of other international right-wing organisations and suggesting how we can resist their rise
Although only German passport holders are allowed to vote, everyone has a part to play in ensuring that our side does well in the election. Come to discuss what the election means to you and what you can do for the campaign.