26 April 2016: DIE LINKE and the local elections in Berlin

hqdefaultOn 18 September, there will be local elections in Berlin. At a time when alliances like Nuit Debord in France and 15M in Spain are capable of mobilising thousands while remaining largely mistrustful of political parties, are elections like this still relevant?
Ruben Lehnert thinks so. Ruben is an activist, but he is also a member of die LINKE Berlin executive and the direct candidate in Neukölln. At the next meeting of die LINKE Internationals, Ruben will explain why he thinks a strong movement against austerity also needs intervention on the electoral level.
What does die LINKE stand for? What happened the last time that die LINKE was in government in Berlin? How can we motivate people to vote and campaign for a left alternative?
And what do we do about racists like Alternative für Deutschland, who are also expecting success in the elections? What would be the effect of the AfD entering the Berlin parliament?
What can an active election campaign look like? What is the role of non-Germans and refugees, who are largely unable to vote? How do we ensure that the election is not an alternative to existing campaigns against racism and rent rises, but a way in which we can help build them?
The meeting will be taking place on TUESDAY, 26 APRIL at 7PM, at KARL LIEBKNECHT HAUS, Kleine Alexanderplatz 28 on Rosa Luxemburg Platz. The meeting will be largely in English with translation into German if required. People of all nationalities and opinions (except Nazis) are invited to take part in the debate.
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