25 October: RAZEM – the new Polish left

razem-portraitRAZEM was launched in 2015 in opposition to Poland’s right-wing government led by the Law and Justice Party. RAZEM sees itself as offering something different to “a petrified Polish left-wing that no longer has any legitimate claim to representing the interests of the average Poles.”

As the first significant left party in Poland since Solidarity in the 1980s, RAZEM was described by economist Guy Standing as “the first authentic movement in Poland representing the precariat“. It has many young members, who are critically engaging with the ideas and experiences of similar organisations like Podemos in Spain.

On 25 October, Klaudia Paech and Pawel Wita from RAZEM Berlin will be discussing their experiences (7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus KIZ). Why has it been historically difficult to build left-wing organisations in Poland? What is different now? How is RAZEM organizing and gaining allies in Poland and in Europe? As the Law and Justice Party attacks migrants and women’s rights, how successful has the Polish left been in resisting the right-wing onslaught? Most importantly, how can we offer concrete solidarity to one of Europe’s youngest left-wing parties?