12 April 2016: Organising Meeting

12670884_1150322234987339_2026609438616530698_nWe will be having an organising meeting will be on Tuesday, 12 April at 7pm in the offices of DIE LINKE Neukölln (Wipperstraße 6, S- /U-Bahn Neukölln). This is on an earlier date than usual because of the events on South Africa that we are supporting (more info below). We will finish by 9pm, when we’ll go to a local bar together.

For people new to the list, we have 2 meetings every month, a full meeting with speaker and discussion and this organising meeting, where we plan our activities. Everyone is invited to both meetings, but if you have limited time and are more interested in debate, our next full meeting is on Tuesday 26 April in Karl Liebknecht Haus (more info below).

For everyone: we have postponed our workshop of the history of DIE LINKE by a month (there were just too many meetings in April to make it possible). If you want to attend, please go to the new Dudle here: https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/What_is_die_LINKE. This time it will happen, we promise.

One last thing: last Christmas we organised a trip of about 40 people to see Nina Hagen singing songs of Berthold Brecht in the Berliner Ensemble. She’s doing the same show onSATURDAY, 21 MAY, and once more there will be a limited number of tickets available for €5. If you want to come with us, send a mail to phil (philbutland[at]yahoo.com) by Tuesday evening at the latest.

       Phil and Judith

   Here’s our suggestion for an agenda. Please let us know if we’ve forgotten anything:


1.       What’s been happening around the world?

  • Panama papers
  • French general strike
  • Spanish trade unionist imprisoned for 30 months
  • British (Northern Irish) woman sentenced for taking “abortion pills”
  • Brexit campaign (report from Stammtisch and meeting in ND building)


2.       Next LAG meeting: “DIE LINKE and the local elections in Berlin26 April, with Ruben Lehnert (DIE LINKE Berlin Executive)

  • What do we want Ruben to say?
  • How can we build the meeting?


3.       Myfest on 1 May

  • We have a stall. How do we want to organise it? Lessons from last year
  • Possible artistic intervention (like last year)?
  • Leaflet about our group (status update from Judith and Kathleen


4.       Coming meetings

  • It would be good to have a leaflet with the MyFest announcing the next 3 meetings. To do this, we need to decide a subject and speaker (preferably female) for June. Ideas?
  • Do we want to take a break in August?
  • Preparation of Fabio de Masi’s meeting in May (he has been saying a lot about the Panama Papers: do we want him to say anything at our meeting?)


5.       Workshop on the history of Die LINKE

Now postponed till May


6.       New anti-racist alliance Aufstehen gegen Rassismus

Conference in Frankfurt-Main 23-24 April. Are we going?

  • Do we want to support their statement (English version here)


7.       Working on the Website

  • Meeting 1: crash course in WordPress
  • Meeting 2 for people who want to work on the Website


8.       TTIP Demo, 23 April in Hannover

  • Will we be there?


9.       Ongoing projects


NEWS JUST IN: on Saturday 9 April, there will be a demo for abortion rights in Poland: 2pm at Burgstraße 27 near S-Bahn Hackescher Markt.