Sunday 3 May 2015, 4pm: Film and discussion: “Z” by Costa-Gavras



For the third film in our monthly culture meetings, we want to show “Z”, the Oscar-winning film by the tremendous Greek socialist director Costa-Gavras (with music by the equally great Mikis Theodorakis).

Z covers many subjects which are still relevant today from the rise of fascism to collaboration with the “deep state”. Rob Ferguson wrote the following in Socialist Review magazine “Costa Gavras targets not only the generals, the police chiefs and the politicians involved in the conspiracy, but the system on which their power is based.” ( Anyone looking at Greece and Golden Dawn today will see the parallels.

After the film, we’re having a discussion on the far right in Europe. To lead the discussion we’ve invited Maina van der Zwan from Amsterdam. Among other things, Maina is the author of this article on Geert Wilders:

The film and discussion will take place in the Rosa Luxemburg Saal of Karl Liebknecht Haus (Kleine Alexander Straße 28, Rosa Luxemburg Platz)


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