4 July: Britain after the election – a drink and chat with Unjum Mirza

The British elections were inspirational. When the election campaign started, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party were 20 points behind in the polls. They nearly won. UKIP imploded and the Conservatives are in disarray. Theresa May can only stay in power by dealing with the ultra-right wing Ulster Unionists and commentators are already asking if the Tories can survive.

UNJUM MIRZA is a socialist, trade unionist and train driver, who is active in the Stand Up to Racism and Keep Libraries Open campaigns. On the evening of 4 July we’ll be having a drink with Unjum where he can answer your question of what happened in the British election and – more importantly – what’s likely to happen next.

We’ll be there from 7pm in the Cantine Sociale (for those of you who were there, that was where we watched the election results together). Tucholskystraße 32 (S-Bahn Oranienburgerstraße). Everyone is invited to come along.