22 April – demonstrate outside the AfD conference in Cologne

The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) are having their national conference in Cologne in April. The AfD are hoping for success in September’s German election but have recently suffered setbacks from the actions of an openly Nazi wing in the organisation and from the growing movement against Donald Trump and his co-thinkers.

Aufstehen gegen Rassismus is organising buses to protests against the AfD conference. Tickets should be ready from 25 March. The buses will be leaving Berlin at 4am on the 22nd April, returning at 11pm.

Tickets cost €45 / €30 reduced and we are working on raising money to provide cheaper tickets for people who can’t afford them. The first step is a benefit concert on 29 March aimed at subsidizing buses going to the protests against the G20 and the AfD conference.

Watch this page for more information as it arrives.