2 February: Stop Trump / Boycott Racism

Demonstration in front of the New Balance store in Berlin Mitte Munzstraße / Alte Schönhauser Straße

16487668_1202176333211367_3215149206236633079_oSince Trump’s inauguration, not a day has passed by without attacks on the basic human rights of migrants, Muslims, women and the poor. Now is the time for all of us to act!

The Trump administration’s racist policies can only come into being to the degree that powerful institutions remain silent or offer support. Multinational corporations are already the focus of US activists. All corporations which are either supporting Trump or remaining silent must be pressured to the join the resistance to this erosion of US American democracy.

The shoe manufacturer New Balance proudly supports Trump’s administration. Protest and boycott calls against the company spread shortly after Trumps victory, as a speaker of the company stated that “with President-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction”. On the 13th of January, The Boston Globe published a well-resourced investigation of New Balance, reporting how the owner of the company, Jim Davis, gave nearly $400,000 to the Trump election campaign.

Inspired by the Jewish Anti-Nazi Boycott from 1933 and the Boycott campaign against Apartheid South Africa, we call for a boycott of all companies and institutions which by word, money or deeds enable the Trump administration.

We, Jewish and Muslim activists and allies living in Berlin, call for a demonstration in front of the flagship store of New Balance in Münzestr. 23 in Berlin Mitte. We call on everyone to stand with us in solidarity and to join this protest. Please bring your own New Balance shoes, if you might have them, so we could symbolically dump them in a trash can and return them to shop.

Called by Initiative Salaam-Schalom