US elections Project group meeting 6. September – minutes

Present: Tyler, Kathleen, Phil, Ivan

1. skype meeting with Jill Stein

   In the run-up to the elections, we’d like to organise a skype meeting with Jill Stein, that is to beam her over the Internet onto a big screen, where people can listen to her and ask questions
Where: ND Haus Salon or Karl Liebknecht Haus Luxemburg Saal
When: If she’s up for it, whenever she wants`. More generally, if she speaks early afternoon in the States, we could have a meeting at 7pm German time
Possible cooperation partners: rosa luxemburg stiftung (either New York office, or the US department in Berlin)
Who needs to do what?
  • Kathleen: contact the US Greens
  • Kathleen: contact the rls New York
  • Phil: contact the rls Berlin US office

2. Joint meeting with the Democrats Abroad Berlin

 We see 2 possibilities here. Our favoured alternative is a public meeting before the elections with people defending different “left” positions (vote Stein, vote tactically – Clinton in marginals, Stein in other constituencies, vote Clinton), plus maybe someone from Black Lives Matter. If Democrats Abroad think that we don’t have the time to organise this, we could organise a meeting after the elections analysing what happened.
Where: we can offer the Rosa Luxemburg Saal but maybe Democrats Abroad have a suggestion
When: see above
Who needs to do what?
  • Tyler: contact Democrats Abroad


3. Leaflet

We’d like to produce a leaflet with at the very least information about the above meetings, and something telling US-Americans in Germany about their voting rights. If there is space on the leaflet, we could also add information about our LAG’s position on the US election (this either needs to be arguments which we all support or a number of different possible positions).
Who needs to do what?
  • All: find information about meetings (see above)
  • Tyler: write text about voting rights
  • Phil/Ferran: see if there’s money in our budget to print professionally (otherwise we’ll photocopy)

4. Position papers

   Similar to the above, we would like to produce one or more position papers about the US election, arguing either the points on which we’re all agreed around the US elections, or a number of different positions held by group members (and possibly by other prominent members of DIE LINKE)
   The idea is that we put the first papers online in the runup to the joint meeting with Democrats Abroad, then have a final version that we try to distribute among the party and the European Left. Apart from Websites and rosa luxemburg stiftung papers, another opportunity is a handout at the European Left Conference in Berlin, 16-18 December
Who needs to do what?
no-one yet
What next?
   There’ll soon be a page for this project group (and all others) on our Website, where we can post all information, including these minutes. The next meeting will be on Monday, 12 September at 6pm at the jugend Widerstand Museum (directly before our election meeting). It will just be a short meeting to check up on all the To-Dos and to plan the next step. Anyone interested in this project is invited to come.