Italian Constition Project Group minutes – meeting 25 October 2016

The vote on the Italian constitutional changes will be on 4 December. Italians living abroad should cast their vote at least a week before. At the moment, many don’t see the point in voting or see it as a local Italian matter.
This means that we should produce a leaflet ASAP containing the following information:
  • (for Italians) why and how you can vote
  • (for non-Italians) basic information about the referendum
  • (for everyone) the importance of the referendum in a wider European context (State of Emergency in France, Brexit etc.)
PAOLA, ROBERTA and GAIA will write an information with this information between them (and decide who writes what)
DiEM25 are polling their members to decide their position on the constitutional vote. They are expected to vote to campaign for no. The result should be clear by the end of the week (ROBERTA is monitoring this). If so, we will ask them if they want to co-produce the leaflet (die LINKE Internationals has already agreed to produce the leaflet, on its own or – even better – with other organisations) (btw PHIL can help with the layout)
On Friday 4 November at 7pm, there is the meeting “Referendum Costituzionale: Io Scelgo No.” in the Nachbarschaftsheim Tempelhof-Schöneberg Rheinstraße 54-56. Paola, Roberta and Gaia will all be going. It would be great if we could go to this meeting with a flyer suggestion and suggest that we issue it as a broad coalition. If there is opposition to this, we can still release the flyer in the name of the LAG Internationals (and if possible DiEM25)
In addition to the leaflet, we would like to organise an information meeting, aimed at the same people listed in the bullets above. The meeting should be towards the end of November, but allowing people enough time to cast a postal vote (GAIA will ask how long this will be). Regarding the meeting, the following questions remain open:
– which date exactly?
– which venue? (we can get Karl-Liebknecht Haus for free, but if other organisations co-sponsor, they may want somewhere more neutral. GAIA will ask around Italian cafés. Would the Nachbarschaftsheim Tempelhof-Schöneberg be interested? Is it possible to book the ND Haus from the rosa luxemburg stiftung?)
. which speakers? (we need to discuss this with DiEM25 if they agree to co-organise and with other mit-organisers that we win on 4 November).
– do other organisations want to co-organize the meeting / provide a speaker?
As well as a potential speaker from DiEM, the following speakers are possible:
– Fabio deMasi MEP
– Damiano Vaglioni: half-Italian lawyer based in Friedrichshain
– Andrej Hunko or similar MP with concentration on Europe
– representative of Nuit Debout who can explain the European dimension
PHIL has relative good contact with all of the above.
Depending on whether or not DiEM25 wants to join in, we formulate a flyer text including provisional date, place and speakers. We present this to the November 4th meeting as something that we could organise as a joint initiative. If the interest is not there, we organise anyway, together with whichever organisations and individuals want to do it with us. Because of these negotiations, we don’t decide on the final list of speakers and venue till after the meeting on November 4th
Once we have a final decision, we will produce a leaflet in (at least) English, German and Italian (die LINKE international department should be able to help with the printing of flyers. The LAG Internationals can help with the translation). We will distribute the information over all our channels.
– what language(s) should the meeting be in?
– do we want to provide any translation?
– who should chair?
These questions and others can be answered in a meeting after 4 November.