Italian Constition Project group

The Italian Constition Project group is a temporaray group to organise a leaflet and public meetings calling for a No vote in the referendum on changes to the Italian constitution on 4 December 2016.

The vote on the Italian constitutional changes will be on 4 December. Italians living abroad should cast their vote at least a week before. At the moment, many don’t see the point in voting or see it as a local Italian matter.

The project group met for the first time on 25 October (minutes here). The idea is to produce a leaflet (preferably with other groups) and a public meeting (ditto) informing Italians of their voting rights and calling for a No vote.

The next important meeting is on 4 November: Referendum Costituzionale: Io Scelgo No.” in the Nachbarschaftsheim Tempelhof-Schöneberg Rheinstraße 54-56

The group will present some suggestions to this meeting. Most organisation will be carried out over e-mail. If you want to join the group, please contact us via