Demo against Trump – appeal for financial support

Dear friend

We are writing in the name of the broad coalition which is organising the Berlin demonstration on 20 January, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration ( The theme of the demo is “no to global Trumpism: time to act”

Nearly everyone has a good reason to demonstrate against the Trump symptom. Whether rampant racism, sexism and anti-feminism or attacks on trade unions and the growing danger of war. This is why we hope for a broad and colourful demonstration and would be pleased to receive the support of your organisation.

The demonstration is part of a wave of international demonstrations on 20-21 January. It starts at 5pm, where we will be protesting the offices of Alternative für Deutschland (Schillstraße 9). We will then march to a final rally at Brandenburg Gate, near the US embassy.

As demonstrating costs money, we would also appreciate financial support. We suggest the following contributions:

large organisations: €100
small organisations: €20-€50
individuals: decide how much you can afford

Please send all money to the following account

Account holder: linksjugend solid Berlin e.V.
IBAN: DE62 4306 0967 0034 2537 00
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank e.G.
Verwendungszweck/Purpose: the coalition

Contributions are presently not tax-deductible.
“The Coalition” is strictly nonpartisan, though individual members might be active within a range of political parties or nonpartisan groups, initiatives, and NGOs. Linksjugend [solid], the youth wing of the party Die Linke, has kindly offered to let us start a sub-account with them until we are able to open our own account, but the funds will in no way be used by the Linksjugend [solid] or the party Die Linke.

If your organisation is prepared to support the demonstration and our call to action, please send the name of the organisation to

If you have any questions, please contact us

Phil Butland, Friederike Benda

fior the Demo organising group