20 January: Protest Against Global Trumpism


WHAT: March and demonstration against Trump and AfD
WHEN: Jan. 20 (U.S. Inauguration Day), 17:00
WHERE: AfD offices, Schillstr. 9 (17:00) to Brandenburger Tor (18:00)
WHO: A broad-based Berlin coalition, allied with protests around Europe and the United States

Donald Trump likes the spotlight. But as he takes the stage as the new U.S. president, cameras will be turned toward protesters worldwide reminding him and all leaders that racism, misogyny, homophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and fear-mongering will not be tolerated.

“Trumpism” is not an isolated national movement. We stand united against opportunists such as Frauke Petry and the AfD, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and Nigel Farage who scapegoat and demonize immigrants and religious and ethnic minorities to build their own political power.

Now is the time to come together and resist. Our task is urgent: we are witnessing a wholesale debasement of democracy and hollowing out of democratic institutions in favor of corporate power. We reject the rise of violent nationalism, attacks on workers’ rights and trade unions, increasing economic and social inequality, corruption, the prioritization of profit over people, and the dangerous disregard for climate change.

We denounce Trump’s reckless attitude toward the use of military power and nuclear weapons.
A Trump presidency risks escalating global conflict and war, sparking arms races and further militarization. His trigger-happy instincts threaten effective cooperation, dialogue, and disarmament.

Around the world, the tide of extremism is rising. Racist rhetoric is igniting xenophobia and violence against refugees and minorities. Militarization is growing. Environmental protections are at risk, and the dangers of climate change are being dismissed. Economic inequality is being exacerbated. Fake news is replacing facts. Public services—social security, education, health care—face privatization. Women’s and LGBT rights are under attack.

We must speak out. We must reach across borders and build bridges against hatred and division. We demonstrate in solidarity with all those in Washington D.C., London, Madrid, Paris, and elsewhere who say NO to Trump.

Join us on January 20 to protest Trump and the AfD. The demonstration begins in front of Alternativ für Deutschland’s office at Schillstraße 9 at 17:00 with a rally at Brandenburg Gate at 18:00.

This demonstration was originally called at a meeting on December 7 to launch a coalition against “Global Trumpism.” Representatives or individual members of the following organizations attended: American Voices Abroad Berlin, Berlin Forum on Global Politics, Berlin Ireland Pro-Choice, Berlin Soup, Club Al-Hakawati, CommUNITY Karneval, DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals, DISRUPT J20 Berlin, IALANA, IG Metall, marx21, NODAPL Berlin, No to war No to NATO, Polish Pro-Choice Group, Pussy Grabs Back, Salon for the Resistance, SAV, Stop Breitbart.

Please join us, on Inauguration Day and for the fight to come. To add your organization’s support, contact philbutland@yahoo.com, or simply come on Jan. 20.