Shower Guest – welcoming refugees to Berlin

Want to be a shower-guest?

There is a new group on Facebook where Berlin residents invite refugees for a nice warm shower at their homes. Shower hosts invite you to use their shower out of hospitality and solidarity. Please join the group, post requests and answer invitations.

A flyer is available in Arabic, Farsi and English which can be downloaded here. It can be printed, cut (it’s meant to be 2xA5 flyers printed on one A4 page and cut in the middle) and distributed/hung where there are refugees who might need a shower, i.e. refugee shelters, especially Tempelhof, and the LaGeSo line.

Even if you can’t be a shower host and even if you’re not on Facebook, this step of inviting potential guests to the group and informing them about its existence is the most crucial step in making this initiative come alive and give the people who need it something that we take for granted: half an hour of bliss under running warm water in a clean, safe environment, and hopefully a cup of tea and some conversation afterwards for those who are interested.

So if you have access to a printer or can spare some Euros for a copy shop, please help distribute and spread the word. Even if you only have time to print 10 copies and go for half an hour to Tempelhof to hang them – that’s already a huge help.

For more information go to this page or contact Mitzi Baum on facebook, or leave a message here which we’ll pass on.