International Women’s Day, 8 March

For International Women’s Day, we are supporting the following events:

  • on 23 February, our meeting is on Women’s Rights and Racism after Cologne
  • on 4 March, the Clara Zetkin prize  will be awarded by Die LINKE to an organisation fighting for women’s equality. The prize ceremony starts at 6pm in the Südblock, Admiralstraße 1-2 (U-Bahn Kotbusser Tor)
  • on 5-6 March, Die LINKE is holding a women’s conference. It doesn’t cost anything to attend, but you should fill in this form, especially if you need help with childcare.
  • On 6 March, there is the International Women’s Day demo. 12 noon Rosa Luxemburg Platz. The appeal for the demo is available in GermanEnglish, Spanish and Catalan. Hopefully more languages will follow (please contact us if you can help)