Postal Vote in the Berlin elections, September 18 2016

linkebln_briefwahlAll people living in Berlin who are eligible to vote can also vote by postal vote. (information about eligibility to vote here). You don’t have to give a special reason why. If you don’t want to leave the house on election day, or don’t want to wait in a queue, that’s enough reason.

You can make a postal vote in two simple steps

  1. Apply for voting papers.
  • You can vote online here
  • Alternatively, send a fax, letter or e-mail to the electoral office for your district (contact details here).
    You should give your name, first name, address in Berlin, birthdate and address to which you the voting papers to be sent.
    If this address is outside Germany, you should also send a copy of your signature by Fax or e-mail
  • Voting papers and 2 envelopes will be sent to youby post.
  1. Vote
    Fill out the voting papers (we recommend for DIE LINKE).
    Put the voting papers in the red envelope and put the red envelope in the blue envelope.
    Send the letter by post (you do not need to add a stamp).


You may apply for a postal vote from 8 August (ie now). You must post your voting papers so that they arrive at the election office by 6pm on 18 September.