Non-Germans and the Berlin elections: Sunday 18 September 2016

Berlin elections 2016 On 18 September, two elections are taking place – the BVV (District Assembly) elections, and the Abgeordnetenhaus (local parliament) elections.
Who can vote? In the BVV elections, all EU citizens are allowed to vote. Unlike the European elections, it’s enough if you are registered as living here. Your name has been entered into the electoral register and you will soon receive voting papers. Until now, very few non-German EU citizens have voted in the BVV elections. We would like to change this.
Why Die LINKE? Throughout Europe, people are saying, we need a new type of politics. Where the left is not strong, right-wing and fascist parties are gaining a worrying level of support. We need a positive alternative to neoliberalism and the poverty that it causes. The BVV elections enable us to influence housing policy, education policy and much more.  Vote DIE LINKE so that Berlin is governed in the interest of all people who live here not for the profits of banks and big business.
Your vote against racism The last few years has seen a dangerous growth of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) and its hate against Muslims, refugees and everyone who looks a little different. Less well known are the AfD’s attacks on the rights of women and LGBT people. The AfD is also developing a wing which is dabbling with neo-Nazi politics.

Every vote cast in the Berlin election that is not for the AfD reduces their chance of having local MPs after the elections. No vote is a wasted vote. Don’t let the racists gain influence.

Affordable housing for all Last year Berliners voted massively against building luxury homes on Tempelhofer Feld. Our greenbelt area should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford it. Yet the current SPD-CDU government is determined to carry on supporting speculators who benefit financially from expensive housing.

It is time to say – stop the speculation, affordable rents for all. We need a government that is in the interest of ordinary tenants, not the rich landlords.

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals DIE LINKE Berlin “Internationals” is a group of non-German members of DIE LINKE, members of international left-wing parties, and others who are interested in international politics. We are affiliated to DIE LINKE Berlin ( and the European Left Party (

Public Meetings Non-Germans and the Berlin elections. What are my voting rights? Why should I vote? Who should I vote for?

Neukölln: Wipperstaße 6 (S- and U-Bahn Neukölln) Monday, 5. September 7pm

Die LINKE Berlin Manifesto in English

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