11 May: Struggles and Challenges in Europe

with Özlem Demirel, Maria Martinez, Antigoni Ntonti

At the end of May, citizens from all member-states of the European Union (EU) will be electing a new EU parliament. But the European project is under threat and in dire need of reform to build an inclusive, social and sustainable Europe.

To discuss how, the Berlin-based LINKE INTERNATIONALS  and the  Berlin branch of  Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK/HDP Berlin) are organising an pre-election meeting on May 11. Three women from different countries will discuss our common European struggles and the challenges we face.

How can we achieve a more social and peaceful Europe? What needs to be done to defend migrants and stop the rise of the far right? Why should people vote for left parties on 23-26 May?

Özlem Demirel is the main female candidate for the European parliament for DIE LINKE and will be discussing German politics, the political situation of refugees and migrant rights.


Unidas Podemos election candidate Maria Martinez will speak about the rise of the far-right in Spain



LINKE INTERNATIONALS member Antigoni Ntonti will discuss the effects of ten years of austerity in her native Greece.



Saturday, 11 May 2019 at 4.30pm

PallasT: Pallasstraße 35 (U-Bahn Bülowstraße)

The debate will be in German – but translation into English will be provided

Organised by the LINKE Berlin Internationals and HDK/HDP Berlin