27-28 August 2016: planning meeting in Hermsdorf

13673_10205150752902597_6133020941625938637_nDie LINKE LAG Internationals invite you to join our week-end in Hermsdorf on 27-28 August. We will be travelling together on Saturday afternoon and spending the day in the woods. Please feel free to bring family members, kids, etc.

On Saturday night we are offering free accommodation in the Naturfreunde house (or, if you want to sleep in your own bed, Hermsdorf is in Zone B of the Berlin transport network). On Sunday we will have a day of meetings to plan our future activities.

The meeting is open to anyone interested in our group, whether or not you have already been to our meetings. It will be largely in English, with translation into other languages if required.

Here is our proposal for an agenda, and here’s a checklist of what you should bring. You can read a discussion paper about how we can organise the group better here. We welcome any additional suggestions, and will send out a final agenda in the week before the meeting.


To help us plan the event, and pay for the accommodation, please send a mail as soon as you can to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de, saying whether you will be attending the meeting and whether you need accommodation on Saturday night.

Thanks for your support and for any suggestions for improving this programme