What next?

Upcoming plans and events:

A festival with cultural programs but also debates, evening programs with comedians and bands; there will be a stall with flyers; we need some volunteers for the stall

Ideas from the group:

  • Phil, Nathan, and Walker chatting about the website design and organization
  • How do we carry on the discussions we’ve had today?
  • We need to have a focus on why this group exists and what it can achieve, especially with the EU elections looming; need a group working on increasing voter awareness and turnout for the elections
  • Need translators for flyers and postcards


  • Would have liked to have more actions and planning than pure discussion; need an agenda on what we are going to do
  • We need to build more breaks in the agenda (seriously)
  • We spoke mostly about the EU; would like to expand the discussion topics
  • Love the 2-day format to get to know everyone; again, more breaks—as in do the introductory part of the discussions in the first day; half an hour after each discussion
  • Maybe we can do some sort of project as a product of the meeting that could be published
  • Again, more breaks; also unclear how an individual can contribute after the trip; a lot of confusion about what can be taken away concretely from the discussions
  • Super fun atmosphere, but there wasn’t enough drink (maybe BYOB?); discussion was a little too abstract
  • More food would be good
  • Better structure of the days
  • Discussions were very enjoyable and diverse international perspectives
  • It would have been nice to have an hour or two on the first day, but not more than that
  • We need to