Groups working in Berlin

Groups working in Berlin

1. Gabriela (Philippines) —Kathy

    • Gabriella Organization— women’s org estab in 1984 at peak of oppression
    • Dedicated to the fight against fascist rule during that time
    • Evolved into a big alliance and organization and party fort he marginalized in parliament
    • Last election gained 2 seats, drafted bills i.e. reproductive health (women’s control over having children) and also to focus on general health; also preventing violence against women, sex trafficking
    • This year launched Gabriella Germany
    • G connects with local organizations including women and labor organizations
    • Also against neoliberalism and foreign domination (neocolonialism)
    • Working structure: still quite young, but we have a roster of ____ and in the process of translating our constitution into German so we can register as an organization in Germany
      • Organizing a (concert?) in Germany
      • Event-based activities mostly
    • Election system in the Philippines: There is a strong president (veto power, level of immunity); 24 senators who approve bills and a congress who write bills; a party can get a maximum of 3 seats)

2. Frente Amplio (Chile) —Anita

    • Represents a political group Front Amplio Berlin
    • Grassroots movement in Chile; coalition of parties, workers, and others
    • Young group; just started
    • In Berlin, the goals are to be a voicepiece for FA Chile
      • Also platform: provide routes to those who need (help?)
      • Should we create international solidarity here or bring what is occurring on the Left in Germany back to Chile
      • Given location, want to fight transnational companies and to inform he people about the situation in South America in general (exploitation, etc.)
    • FA now in Chilean parliament
    • How does FA work outside of election?
    • FA is a feminist movement
    • FA is so young that it is still independent of associations with the international South/Latin American Left and PODEMOS in Spain

3. CDR (Catalonia) — Ferran

    • CDR Committee that Depends on the Republic (Catalan Republic)
    • Referendum in Catalonia 1 October 2017; 80% participation and clearly won
    • Democratic elected government in Catalonia—representatives jailed or exiled by Spain
    • December 21, 2017 elections in Spain, and again the majority in government took control
    • CDR— new name, Committee Defense of the Republic
    • In Berlin, part of international network fighting for Catalonia
    • 2nd greatest number of mass graves are in Spain; Spain has not been very critical of its history and its history has been overwritten

4. Jacobin Reading Group— Sozan

    • Jacobin magazine in U.S.
    • Discuss articles mostly from Jacobin and some other left publications
    • Very international
    • Next topic: The Gig Economy (freelancers, etc.)

5. The Coalition—Phil

    • Organized after Trump got elected
    • It’s become an organization for intervening in the upcoming elections and also to get Germany to do something about Israel-Palestine

6. Bündnis für Sexuelle Selbstbestimmung Judith

    • Every 3rd Saturday in September, pro-life people march in the street (March for Life)
    • Coalition for Sexual Self-Determination formed and organized to block the march
    • 219a, which makes it illegal for doctors to advertise that they perform abortions
    • In September, want to go on the street to march against the march
    • CSSD meets once a month

7. Ukraine— Social Movement; Kateryna

    • Organized striking miners in Ukraine
    • Want to gather more people

8. PSOL (Social Freedom Party), Brazil

    • Legally founded in 2006
    • Only existing left oppositional movement under (Peté?)
    • Very small party
    • In Germany/Berlin not a very large organization

9. Sara—community garden project

    • Anyone who wants to come should come (Tucholsky Garten)

10. Sprachcafé; Rohit

    • Work with refugees and to events, meeting every Saturday