LAG Internationals


Die LINKE working group “Internationals in Berlin” consists of non-Germans living in Berlin – members of DIE LINKE or other parties of the European Left (EL), members of other left parties and non-organized people. We also have some German members who are interested in international politics.

The group is a continuation of a temporary group which we set up for the EU elections. We want to bring together left people from abroad living in Berlin in order to get them politically involved in DIE LINKE and join ongoing campaigns, especially against the neoliberal politics of the EU and of Germany. We fight together for a left alternative against austerity.

We have now opened up the group to non-European leftists, including members of Izquierda Unida Berlin, Podemos Berlin, HDP/HDK Berlin, Front de Gauche Berlin, Frente Amplio Berlin etc. We already have well over 400 people on our mailing list ( and 1200 members in our Facebook group.

We work closely with the international department of Karl Liebknecht Haus (KL-Haus) and the Party of the European Left, as well as several other organisations and initiatives.

We meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 7pm at the LINKE Neukölln offices in Wipperstraße 6, and organise other political and cultural events. Meetings are usually in English with translation if required.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals is part of European Left.

More Information about DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals