International meeting to prepare the mobilisation against G20 summit, April 7th


Gängeviertel Fabrique (groundfloor), Valentinskamp 28 A, 20335 Hamburg (2 stops with the subway U2 from the central station to station Gänsemarkt), there will be a livestream of the meeting until the lunch break


Our common language at the meeting will be English so that we can work and build the work structures we need. Translation for contributions difficult to say in English need to be organized collectively, we’ll try to have people with some translations skills at the meeting (for French, Spanish, Italian (permanent translation will not be provided)

Registration and accommodation:

Please register here for the meeting, the preparation of the meeting and for accommodation. There will be solidarity accommodation but only for people who say so beforehand (until April 3) so that we can provide it

Proposed Agenda for the Meeting, April 7

10:00  Arrival, coffee, registration

11:00  Livestream: Welcome and introduction to the meeting with international video/audio messages

11:30 Plenary discussion, political debate and exchange on the global political situation, the role of the G20 summit in July 2017 and the significance on the transnational mobilization/dimension (this part of the meeting will be open to all by livestream).

Why is the G20 protest in the summer of 2017 important, why are they a chance for a transnational convergence of voices and struggles, what is it that we need to do and want to say in /with Hamburg? With brief inputs to start the common discussion from different context (Europe, Germany, from G20 countries from out of Europe)

12:30 Introduction to Hamburg and the German mobilization, to alliances, local organizations and the plans developed so far

With representatives and reports from the various work groups and alliances with specific focus on the structure and activities of the “compact week” (summit for global solidarity on July 5 & 6, the day of action on the start of the official summit on July 7 and the mass demonstration on July 8) as well as on other activities, demonstrations and logistics (camp, anti-repression, arrival, assemblies etc.).

This session will give an overall picture of what to expect and address, of how to get involved in the mobilization and specific activities such as the counter summit, the mass march, civil disobedience and more.

13:30 Lunch Break

14:3o Checking the needs for the transnational process and mobilization, planning the work to be done: Introduction of working groups necessary to organize the transnational political and work process

such as transnational mobilization, media work and material; structuring the organizational /work process: drafting a plan of necessary organization structures, coordinating structures and outreach etc.; logistics in Hamburg (camp, info points, languages and translation of necessary info); legal information and anti –repression; participation as transnational movement in the different planned actions and demos; creating a mobilization calendar/collective use of homepage (and other workshops might come up)

15:00 Working in the above mentioned work groups – coming up with results for the plenary and overall process

16:45  Coffee Break

17:00 Closing plenary and report of the working groups

Saving the results (minutes, dissemination etc.), agreements for work process (meetings, conference calls, workgroup processes etc.)

Activities after the meeting for those still in the city

Friday after 7 pm: Come-together at Centro Sociale (Sternstraße 2, 20357Hamburg)

Sat. (April 8) in the morning (location and time tba): Getting a feeling for Hamburg

a guided walk through the heart of the political city and locations of the counter activities


Action conference at St. Pauli Ballsaal for those who are in the city and interested