BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION – DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals Group supports Corbyn

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals group offers its support to the Labour Party in the forthcoming British elections. We call on the 140,000 Britons living in Germany to reject Theresa May’s politics of greed and to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

We welcomed Jeremy’s election as Labour leader in 2015 and 2016. He won both times on a clear mandate and we hope that he will gain similar support from the British electorate. Under his leadership, Labour has been transformed not just into a radical party committed to defending the health service and the rights of refugees, but also a mass party with over half a million members.

We reject the attacks on Labour by the media and Tory politicians, and hope that the “Corbyn effect” will carry on long after the election is over. At a time when neo-liberal parties are transferring wealth to their rich friends and right-wing nationalists and fascists are waiting in the wings, we need leaders like Jeremy to offer a clear anti-establishment alternative of solidarity and resistance.

Die LINKE was formed partly to offer an alternative to voters who were no longer prepared to support austerity programmes pushed through by right wing social democrats like Labour’s Tony Blair and the SPD’s Gerhard Schroeder. We believe that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour offers us a new hope and look forward to working together for a better society – at home and internationally.

For the many, not the few!

Phil Butland, Judith Benda: co-Speakers, DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals (www.theleftberlin.wordpress. com)