24 June: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Sudan: Why the West and Russia are enabling the dictatorship

Note new title. 

Earlier this year, we witnessed an inspirational uprising in Sudan, which removed the dictator Omar al-Bashir. More recently, a counter-revolution is in motion. On 3 June, paramilitary forces attacked protesters, ending six months of a largely peaceful uprising. Bodies of slain protesters were thrown into the Nile and two medics were raped. Within 48 hours, the death toll rose to over 100, as tens of bodies were recovered from the Nile. 500 more were injured in a premeditated massacre.

Since the 3 June massacre, protesters in Sudan have defied a military crackdown and internet blackout. Rebels in the Sudan have organized a large-scale civil disobedience campaign, which has paralysed the country. Internationals solidarity actions have been organised, also in Berlin. The rebels desperately need us to stand with them in their peaceful and courageous demands for freedom, peace and justice.

The imperial powers – both from the West and from Russia – have blood on their hands. Since 2014, the so-called Khartoum process has allowed the EU to pay the Sudanese régime to prevent African migrants from entering Europe. The US have backed the counter-revolutionary Transitional Military Council (TMC) forces as a counterweight to Iran. Russia has been even more belligerant, saying that the violence of June 3 “need[ed] to be done for order to be imposed and fight against extremists”.

Meanwhile the Sudanese opposition is dependent on their own forces and the support that they can win from the international movements against war, capitalism and imperialism.

What is happening in Sudan? How can we support the resistance? What is the role of the imperial powers, and what can we do to prevent them supporting the dictatorship? On Monday, 24 June, the Berlin LINKE Internationals are organising a meeting with an activist from SudanUprising to discuss these questions and more. It starts at 7pm in the Roter Laden, Weidenweg 17, Friedrichshain (U-Bahn Weberweise) and everyone is invited to join the discussion.

Monday, 24 June, 7pm Roter Laden, Weidenweg 17 (U-Bahn Weberweise)