26 November: Can you have immigration controls that aren’t racist?

The far right is on the rise, and one of its main targets is migrants. The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) demands “comprehensive border controls”. Victor Orban’s right-wing government in Hungary has criminalized lawyers who advise refugees. And in the US, Robert Bower murdered at least 11 people, partly because they attended a synagogue which helped people fleeing war and dictatorship.

On the left, some also argue that migration controls are necessary. Sahra Wagenknecht, the parliamentary speaker of die LINKE, says that the call for open borders for all is “unrealistic” and “the opposite of left”. Some argue that because migrants are exploited as cheap labour, migration must be limited to preserve jobs and fair wages in Germany.

Other socialists say that by their very nature, migration controls discriminate against some people based on the accident of where they were born. Internationalism means standing with all working-class people, whether they were born in Germany, Spain or Syria. Everyone should be able to live where they want to.

Is it possible to implement controls which are fair and non-racist? Is the call for open borders a utopian dream? How can we stop unscrupulous bosses using migrants to drive down wages? And what should socialists do to stop the wars and climate disaster that causes many refugees to flee?

with Clara Bünger, co-founder and board member Refugee Law Clinics Abroad. Currently working as a Research Associate at the German Parliament in the field of Social Human Rights .

7pm in DIE LINKE Neukölln offices (Wipperstraße 6, S- and U-Bahn Neukölln). Watch this page for more information.