25 June: Turkey after the elections

Turkey‘s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called snap presidential and parliamentary elections for 24 June, over a year earlier than planned. The background is economic instability, a resumption of hostilities against the Kurds, and the increased use of Turkish troops in Syria and Iraq.

The announcement of the elections coincided with the seventh extension of emergency rule, which has been used since 2016 to crack down on opposition to Erdogan. More than 160,000 people have been detained in this period and a similar number have lost their jobs.

Leader of the pro-Kurdish HDP-HDK Selahattin Demirtas, has been in prison for well over a year, and HDP mayors and MPs have been imprisoned and stripped of their parliamentary immunity. Nonetheless they hope to once more gain the 10% of votes necessary to get into parliament.

On the day after the elections, we will be talking to Erkin Erdogan, joint speaker of the HDP-HDK about the meaning of the results and how socialists should react to the possible second round of the presidential elections. Should we support „anyone but Erdogan“, even if it means lining up with right-wing and Islamist forces.

More importantly, 5 years after the Gezi Park protests, what is the state of the social opposition in Turkey and Kurdistan and how likely are similar struggles in the near future? Everyone is invited to join this discussion.


7pm in DIE LINKE Neukölln offices (Wipperstraße 6, S- and U-Bahn Neukölln). Watch this page for more information.