Berlin is Nowhere – monthly book presentations

Berlin is Nowhere is an initiative by the Berlin LINKE Internationals. Every month someone introduces a book with some connections to international politics.

The book can be political, a history book or a novel. The presenter is sometimes the author, sometimes someone who is just interested. If you would like to present a book, please contact us at

Meetings are in the jugend[Widerstands]Museum, Rigaestraße (U-Bahn and Straßenbahn Frankfurter Tor). In 2017, they will be in the second week of the month – usually on Friday (for exceptions see the programme below).


sangre-votos-manifestaciones-eta-y-el-nacionalismo-vasco-radic-al-1958-2011-978843095499521 October – ETA: blood, votes, demonstrations (in German with translation into English)



160914132647-01-chile-girl-police-protest-restricted-exlarge-169 25 November – political movements in Chile



1471951787_e6fb937f0993c8415 December – Fear Not: Shakespeare’s tragedies (with author Jenny Farrell)


5225581-9783955140151_cover-400x40013 January Crossing the River – Victor Grossman introduces his autobiography


Langer_JudeNeukoelln.epsTHURSDAY 9 February Ein Jude in Neukölln (A Jew in Neukölln) with author Armin Langer


The Museum has been booked for the following subsequent dates. If you have a book that you would like to present (or suggest that someone else presents) please contact us at and suggest a date

  • 10 March
  • THURSDAY 13 March (Friday is a public holiday)
  • 12 May
  • 9 June
  • 14 July
  • 11 August