LINKE Internationals Summer Camp

The LINKE Berlin Internationals Summer Camp happens every year – we book the Naturfreundehaus (leftish youth hostel) in Hermsdorf, near Berlin, for a week-end of social activities and discussions. The main point is to get to know each other better and to plan what we want to do in the coming year.

We’ll be leaving Berlin on SATURDAY, 9 JUNE early afternoon and visit the local baths and Biergarten followed by a look back on what’s been happening, then eating together and a couple of films / burning wood outside

On Sunday, we’ll be talking about projects that we want to get involved in next year. We already have speakers from Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen and international campaigns for women’s rights. If you want to suggest other campaigns that we should be supporting, please send us a mail.

Taking part is free, including a bed for Saturday night, but we’re asking for a €10 contribution towards the food costs (kids come free). If you’d like to register or have any questions, just send a message to

We’ll be meeting on Monday 13th My, to decide a final agenda, which we’ll send out shortly afterwards. Please send any suggestions before then, or just come along to the meeting (its at 7pm at Café Plume, Warthestraße 60).

Thanks for your interest. The next full meeting of the LINKE Berlin Internationals is on 27 May, where we’ll be analysing the EU election results, but before that there’s a public meeting with women from Germany/Turkey, Spain and Greece on Struggles and Challenges in Europe, that we’re organising together with HDK/HDP Berlin.


Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

Join our mailing list – send a mail to


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