Newsletter 13 April 2019

Welcome to this week’s LINKE Berlin Internationals Newsletter. Again its going out early because of a Saturday action – this time registering non-Germans to vote at the EU elections. There’s a short preparation meeting at 12 o’clock at Café Karanfil (Mahlowerstraße 7, U-Bahn Boddinstraße), then we’re going down to Tempelhofer Feld around 1pm. If you can make it, see you there.

Remember, if you have any events that you’d like us to tell people about, send a mail to

First, here’s some events that we’re organising in the next couple of weeks:

  • On Friday, 19th April (Good Friday), there’s a meeting for anyone who’s interested in writing, translating or commissioning articles for our new Website. Its at 5pm at the Schwarzes Café, Kantstraße 148 in Charlottenburg
  • On Tuesday, 23rd April, we’ll have our next Organising meeting. This is where we plan our coming activities. Hot on the agenda will be the EU elections, the MyFest, and our summer camp in Hermsdorf. If you’d like to come, send a mail to and we’ll pass on the venue and a planned agenda.
  • On Monday 29th April, one day after the Spanish election, Mario Candeias from the rosa luxemburg stiftung will be trying to answer the question: Is the EU breaking apart? 7pm in the Roter Laden, Weidenweg 17 (U-Bahn Weberweise)
  • On Wednesday 1st May, its a public holiday and we’ll be having a stall all afternoon at the MyFest. If you’s like to help on the stall, please fill in this dudle.


And now here’s a nice bulleted list of more events that are coming up in Berlin:

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

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