Coming up with DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals (21 May mailing)

Hi everyone

Here’s the latest news about what’s happening in Berlin (and this time further afield) brought to you from die LINKE Berlin Internationals

Tomorrow – Eye-witness report from the Serbian spring

Tomorrow (Monday) night sees our regular monthly meeting in the offices of DIE LINKE Neukölln (7pm in Wipperstraße 6, near U- and S-Bahn Neukölln). Anja Ilic, a socialist from Serbia will be reporting from the biggest protests to hit Serbia in a generation.

At the end of the meeting, Julia Schramm will be introducing the new LINKE Berlin working group political education and discussing how we can work together.

 Film – I, Daniel Blake (and British elections)

Monday 5th June is a public holiday in Germany, and – as a way of preparing ourselves for the coming British elections – we’ll be watching Ken Loach’s prize-winning film, I, Daniel Blake. The film will be shown at 4pm in DIE LINKE Neukölln offices (Wipperstraße 6) and will be followed by a discussion with British socialists Carol McGuigan (Berlin Labour Party) and Phil Butland (Speaker, Berlin LINKE Internationals). Entrance is free. The film will be in English with German subtitles,

Speaking of the election, we’re looking for somewhere to watch the results together on Thursday, 8th June. Alcohol will be available (we’re hoping that we’ll be celebrating but for mourning if necessary). Watch this space for more info, or contact us at

Fest der Linken – 17 June on Rosa Luxemburg Platz

On 17 June there’ll be the annual Fest der Linken at Rosa Luxemburg Platz. You can find more information, including a large programme of meetings and cultural events here.

We’ll be there with a stall, and if you can help us out, please contact us at so that we can sort out a rota.

19 June – Why the German general election is important for Internationals?

In September, there’ll be a general election in Germany with international implications. Will the government that bankrupted Greece be voted back into power? Will the AfD come into the German parliament for the first time? How will the left do – and what can I do to alter things?

Come and discuss with Judith Benda – speaker of Die LINKE Berlin Internationals and direct candidate in Neukölln and Miriam Aced and Tina Lee from Migration Voter website.

26-28 June – Protest against the UN Global Forum of Migration and Development

At the end of June, the UN Global Forum of Migration and Development will be meeting in Berlin to make decisions on behalf of First World countries about how to “deal with” refugees. The International Migrants Alliance says: “We believe that the UN Global Forum for Migration and Development does not fully appreciate our conditions, and it does not espouse our concerns and rights. Instead, it adheres to the neoliberal agenda which has kept our home countries in chronic poverty, unemployment, economic crises and social conflict, constantly producing the cheap migrant labor viewed by the GFMD as ‘tools for development’.”

Watch this space for information about a networking meeting, a public meeting and a demonstration outside the Forum in June.

5-8 July – Demonstration and counter-summit against the G20 in Hamburg

In July, Donald Trump, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other world leaders will be meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg. On Saturday, 8 June there will be a mass demonstration outside.

On 5 and 6 July, there will be a counter-summit in Hamburg. As part of the counter-summit, DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals and the HDP/HDK will be organising a workshop “Turkey after the Referendum” with Andrej Hunko MP and a speaker from Turkey. Its on Wednesday, 5 July at 5pm at Kampnagel room KX (Jarrestraße 20, Hamburg)

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals will be travelling as part of a contingent organised by The Coalition Berlin. Watch this space for more information about buses and accommodation.

We are also planning a benefit concert with the HDP/HDK at the end of June/early July to raise money for subsidised bus tickets. Watch this space.

People we like

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals are also active in other Berlin groups. Here are some of the other meetings coming up soon:


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