Coming up with DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals

Hi folks

Here’s a summary of some of the more interesting meetings and actions in Berlin this month

G20 Summit in Hamburg. What’s happening? What can I do? On Wednesday, 17 May we have a meeting in Karl Liebknecht Haus (direct on Rosa Luxemburg Platz) about the coming G20 summit in Berlin. It will be Donald Trump’s first visit to Germany, and we’re expecting a demo of 100,00 people.

Corinna Genschel, who’s been helping organising the demo and  counter-summit will be speaking alongside Kathleen Brown, a US-American activist against Donald Trump and a representative from DiEM25.

Anja Ilic, an activist from Belgrade will be giving an eye-witness from the Serbian spring.

Anja is a long-standing Serbian activist who has been active in the recent demonstrations against electoral fraud which have generalised into the biggest movement in Serbia since the fall of Milosovic in 2000. She will be telling us about the current situation in Serbia and its importance for the international left.

Our July meeting will not be on the fourth Monday of the month but on the third – 19th July. This is because of an important electoral meeting in Neukölln on the 26th,

Judith Benda, the direct candidate for die LINKE in Neukölln and co-speaker for Die LINKE Berlin Internationals will be speaking on Why the German election is important for internationals. Judith will be joined by Miriam Aced and Tina Lee from Migration Voter.

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We’re talking to the Labour Party Berlin branch about watching the results of the British elections together. We’re also planning to show Ken Loach’s brilliant film “I; Daniel Blake” around the elections, If you want to know more, please join our mailing list.

DIE LINKE BERLIN Internationals
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