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Hi everyone

Before we tell you what’s coming up, a quick announcement that Victor Grossman’s newest Berlin bulletin in now online. This week, Victor is talking about the Schulz effect at the coming German general election.

Now, here’s a summary of some of the events coming up:

  • On 18 April, there’s the latest Jacobin reading circle on racism.
  • On 22 April, there’s a demonstration against the AfD national conference in Cologne. For more information and bus tickets from Berlin, please contact us at
  • On 24 April, Erkin Erdogan, co-speaker of the HDP/HDK Berlin-Brandenburg will be speaking on Turkey after the referendum.
  • On 25 April, Ilanka Trump will be in Berlin for the W20 (women’s G20) summit. Watch this space for more information about artistic protests.
  • On 30 April, SoulKino is organising a film and discussion on not forgetting the Spanish Civil War
  • On 1 May, we will be having a stall at the MyFest. Please come along and talk to us or – even better – help out on the stall.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
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