Talking Turkey

Hi everyone

For the German- and Turkish speakers among you, Hatip Dicle from Turkey will be speaking in the rosa luxemburg stiftung about the coming referendum this Friday

For those of you who prefer English (or who want to talk about what we do after the elections), Erkin Erdogan, the co-speaker of the HDP-HDK Berlin-Brandenburg will be speaking at the monthly meeting of Die LINKE Berlin Internationals group on 24 April

For more information about the referendum campaign, please contact us at The HDP/HDK are organising stalls in Berlin up until the referendum, there will be an election party on the evening of Sunday 16th (more information very soon), and Die LINKE Berlin Internationals and the HDP/HDK have just registered a joint workshop at the G20 counter-summit in Hamburg on 5-6 July. And both groups will have stalls in the LINKE field in front of the Bethanien at the MyFest on 1 May. Please come along and chat to us.

Phil, speaker, Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

Erkin, co-speaker, HDP-HDK Berlin-Brandenburg


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