DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals in March

Hi everyone

Here’s the latest news from DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals. There’s quite a lot going on, so we’ve put it in blocks where you can find what’s most important for you.


Our “proper” meetings

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals meet once a month, now on the fourth Monday of each month in Die LINKE offices in Neukölln (Wipperstraße 6, near U- and S-Bahn Neukölln). Here are our meetings until June:



Extra meetings

We are delighted that the Polish abortion rights group Ciocoa Basia have just been awarded the Clara Zetkin prize, and are planning on organising a public meeting with them around April. For more information, contact us at lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de


  • We are supporting the International Women’s Day demo starting on Thursday, 8 March at 5pm at Hermannplatz
  • The AfD will be having their national conference in Cologne on 22-23 April. There will be counter-demonstrations and we will be there (see also the benefit concert organised by The Coalition, mentioned later in this mail)
  • There will be mass protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg in July, which, among other things, will be the first appearance on German soil of President Donald Trump. If you want to know more about what’s happening and what you can do, come to our meeting on 27 March (see above)


People we like

  • The next SoulKino evening of cinema, performance art and politics will be on Sunday, 26 March in B-Lage. This month’s theme is feminism
  • The next Jacobin reading circle will be on Tuesday, 28 March. Subject and texts to be announced:
  • Information so hot off the press we don’t even have the venue yet. The Coalition Berlin is organising a public meeting on “Fighting the Far Right Surge: Women’s rights now!” Miriam Ekiudoko will be coming from Hungary, and a speaker will come from the recent women’s strike in Ireland. They will be joined by Betül Bayrak from Bündnis Neukölln and Berlin-based Polish acitivist Anna Krenz. More information as soon as it arrives
  • The Coalition Berlin is also organising a benefit concert on 29 March with 5 international female performers plus special guests. In amongst the music there will be a discussion on what we can do now against the AfD and Trump. All money raised will go to subsidise transport to the demos against the AfD in April and the G20 in July. Also available on facebook.

Can I criticise Israel and not be anti-semitic?

Our first workshop with Dr Gal Schkolnik went very well, and one of the participants was helpful enough to summarize what we talked about here. The second workshop in on Tuesday in Friedrichshain and is already looking pretty full, We will be organising at least one more workshop in Kreuzberg and/or Charlottenburg. If you are interested in attending, please contact us at lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de

(Note to the Charlottenburger: until now, only 3 people have said that they would come to a workshop in Charlottenburg. We are happy to organise something anyway – and indeed have a venue in Charlottenburg that will host us, but if you know a few more people who’d like to come, that would be very helpful.)


Last thing

Last summer, Die LINKE Berlin Internationals organised a week-end away in Hermsdorf, just north of Berlin. We booked a hostel and had one day of fun and one day of planning future activities. We think it worked well, and helped us professionalise our work. So much so, that we’re planning to do it again.

Accommodation, food etc are paid for, but you have to take your share of the cooking and cleaning. If you’d like to attend, please fill in the dudle at https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/Hermsdorf2017. The dudle just mentions the Sunday, which is when the work will be done, but everyone is also welcome to travel up on Saturday and stay the night.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you soon



DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
Join our mailing list – send a mail to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de


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