What’s on in February

With a lot of meetings and activities going on in February, here’s a summary of what we’re involved in:

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Wahlrecht für alle / voting rights for everyone

German version here 

English translation

Voting rights for everyone

Decision of the Party Committee of 3 July 2016

1. The party DIE LINKE is committed to the equal and effective participation of all people in political and social life, whether directly or through freely elected representatives. This also includes the right and the ability to vote and to be elected.

2. To make this possible, DIE LINKE is launching a parliamentary initiative on a national basis, and where possible also regionally. This initiative aims to extend the right to vote to all people with disabilities who are currently not able to vote, and to remove all regulations preventing them from voting. This should take effect at the latest by the German national election in 2017.

3. DIE LINKE will use its presence in local governments to ensure that electoral procedures, facilities and materials are suitable, accessible and easy to understand and use. Polling stations and information about elections should be examined so that they are accessible to everyone.

4. DIE LINKE encourages and supports people with disabilities to take part in elections, to be able to hold office and to perform public functions at all levels of government activity. This includes the use of supporting and new technologies.

New venue for our meeting “Can I criticise Israel?”


dsci2934Because of the level of interest shown, we have had to move tomorrow’s meeting “Can I criticise Israel without being anti-semitic?” to a larger venue. The meeting will now be in the jugend[Widerstands]Museum, Rigaerstraße 9-10, near U-Bahn Frankfurter Tor. We will also be repeating the meeting as a workshop as many times as we find people who are interested.

new Berlin Bulletin and Victor Grossman introduces his autobiography

Victor Grossman’s newest Berlin Bulletin is now online. This week, Victor explains how US imperialism is still alive and, er, killing.

A reminder that Victor will be presenting his autobiography “Crossing the River” this Friday in the jugend[Widerstand]Museum, Rigaerstraße 9-10.

And on January 20th, we’ll be demonstrating on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals in January 2017

Happy new Year from the Berlin LINKE Internationals

Our next “proper” meeting is on 24 January (more info below), but we’re organising or supporting a number of other meetings in January. Here’s a summary.

  • On Friday, 13 January in the next book presentation from Berlinisnowhere, Victor Grossman introduces his autobiography, “Crossing the River”. 7pm in the jugend[Widerstands]Museum, Rigaerstraße 9-10 (U-Bahn Frankfurter Tor) 
  • On Sunday, 15 January, the European Left opens the year at 2pm in the Kosmos, Karl-Marx Allee 131a (U-Bahn Frankfurter Tor) 
  • On Tuesday, 17 January there’s the first Jacobin reading circle of the year at 7pm in Mehringhof, Gniesenaustraße 2a (U-Bahn Mehringdamm). This month’s subject is Donald Trump, and suggested reading material follows 
  • On Thursday, 19 January, SoulKino takes on gentrification with film and music in the HU legal faculty 6pm in Unter den Linden 9, room E25 (WARNING: this one’s in Spanish and German)
  • On Friday, 20 January, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, there’s a protest against Global Trumpism5pm outside the AfD office on Schillstraße 9 (U-Bahn Wittenbergplatz/Nollendorfplatz) and from 6pm at the Brandenburg Gate
    For anyone wanting to help organise the demo, there’s a planning meeting tomorrow night, Thursday, 5 January at 7pm in the Haus der Demokratie, Greifwaldstraße 4 (Straßenbehn Am Friedrichshain)
  • On Tuesday, 24 January at 7pm, there’s our monthly meeting. Gal Schkolnik, an activist from Tel Aviv will address the question Can I criticize Israel and not be antisemitic?
    This meeting is scheduled to take place in
    Karl Liebknecht Haus, Kleine Alexanderstraße 28 (U-Bahn Rosa Luxemburg Platz), however because of the amount of interest it has received on facebook (78 definitely coming and 567 interested within less than 48 hours) we are considering moving to a larger venue. If we do move, we will post the new venue on our Website, facebook page and mailing list.
  • On Sunday, 29 January, SoulKino will be showing music, film and discussion from and about Brazil. B-Lage, Mareschstraße 1 (S-Bahn Sonnenallee) from 7.15pm. More details to follow

All events are free, with the exception of the European Left event on 15 January (follow the link to order tickets)
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DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
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