Coming up with Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

There‘s a lot going on in the next couple of weeks. Here are some of the highlights

cropped-unions-demo-kyiv-square Monday, 27 November at 7pm

LINKE Internationals Meeting on Ukraine

Die LINKE Neukölln, Wipperstraße 6

20837816_463677584012083_680145587860930560_n Friday, 1 December from 8pm

Non-Christmas Party

Music from Die Tsootsies (8.30), Telma Savietto (9.30) and Cigir (10.30)

Café Plume, Warthestraße 60

dieLinkeAllgaeu-Gegen-AfD-Parteitag-Hannover-2.12.17_01 Saturday, 2 December

Demonstrate against the AfD Conference in Hannover

Buses leave at 2am and 7am. Tickets from

Here‘s some arguments for why you should join the demo: 

BABAMIN KANATLARI Wednesday 6 December and Wednesday 13 December at 7pm

Film „My Father‘s Wings“ and discussion with the director

Eiszeit Cinema, Zeughofstraße 20

Organised by HDP/HDK Berlin. The film is reviewed here

image-109604-860_poster_16x9-bnhi-109604 Monday 11 December at 7pm

Public Meeting on Catalonia (in German)

Karl Liebknecht Haus, Rosa Luxemburg Platz


DIE LINKE Berlin LAG Internationals

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New on our Website

  • Victor Grossman considers the Jamaica coalition in his latest Berlin Bulletin
  • Preview of a new film about building workers and gentrification Turkey. The HDP/HDK are planning a screening in Berlin in December. Watch this space for more information
  • Remember, as well as our regular meeting on 27 with left activists from Ukraine  we will be organising an extra meeting this Monday with an activist from Catalonia

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
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Coming up with die LINKE Internationals

The next meeting of Die LINKE Berlin Internationals with be on Monday 27 November, where a Ukranian speaker will be talking about building The New Left in the Ukraine. 7pm at Die LINKE Neukölln, Wipperstraße 6.

We are also organising some other meetings in the next few weeks:

  • On Monday 20 November, Ana, an activist from the Committee to Defend the Republic in Catalonia will be reporting on the struggle for the defence of the Catalan Republic. Also at Die LINKE Neukölln offices at 7pm.
  • On Friday, 24 November, we are helping organise a meeting in German on The New Left in Europe.  6pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz.
  • On Friday, 1 December, we have our Not-Christmas Party in Café Plume, Warthestraße 60 in Neukölln. There will be buffet food, live music from Telma Savietto and from Cigir and a dubious raffle.
  • On Wednesday, 6 December, we’ll be having an organising meeting, also in Café Plume, to plan next year’s meetings and activities.

There are also some meetings coming up from people we support:

  • The next Jacobin reading group is on 15 November on the Russian Revolution in Bilgisaray on Heinrichplatz
  • On Wednesday, 22 November, The Coalition has its next meeting in Café Plume
  • On 2 December, the AfD are holding their Party Conference in Hannover where its largely expected that out-and-out Nazis will be taking over the party. Aufstehen gegen Rassismus have called a demonstration outside.

We have also received the following request from The Labour Party group in Berlin: “This coming Thursday, 16th November, we’re having our monthly Labour International meeting in Neukölln at Café Plume. From around 19.30, we want to have an open discussion with anyone who voted in the last German Federal Election. We want to, if possible understand the result. Why, for example, the AfD secured so many votes, why the FDP scored higher again, why the SPD and the CDU lost votes and why Die Linke had the result it had.” Please go along if you want to join the debate.

Watch this space also for two events which will happening in December, but the dates are not yet fixed:

  • Public Meeting on Catalonia in Karl-Liebknecht Haus with speakers from Die LINKE, and the Catalonian and Spanish left. Organised by Die LINKE Berlin Internationals
  • Film evening in Eiszeit cinema: “My Father’s Wings” followed by a discussion with the director. Organised by the HDP/HDK Berlin with support from Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

Last but not least: one of the main topics at our next organising meeting will be about the speakers and topics we want for our meetings next year. We’d like a broad range of international subjects, so if you have any suggestions (or want to speak about something yourself), please contact us.

We’re already talking with the Berlin Labour party about a big meeting next year with a Labour MP. More information as it arrives.

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals
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Organising meeting on Wednesday 1 November

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals have an organising meeting next Wednesday – 1 November, 7pm at Cafe Plume, Warthestraße 60. The aim of the meeting is to plan future actions and political the direction of the group. Its open to anyone who‘d like to get a bit more involved.

Here‘s a provisional agenda for the meeting:

1. Next meeting: The Left in the Ukraine: (speaker status, what do we want them to say? Leaflet=

2. Party on 1 December (programme, food, raffle, inviting people)

3. Meeting on Catalonia (what‘s been done? What needs to be done?)

4. Coming events

5. Meeting subjects for 2018

6. Anything else

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
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New from die LINKE Berlin internationals (21 October 2017)

Hi everyone

Here‘s a reminder that on Monday, new MP from Kreuzberg Pascal Meiser will be talking about the German elections. What with Nazis in the Bundestag and talks of a new East-West split, there‘s plenty to talk about. Its in the LINKE offices in Neukölln, Wipperstraße 6. More info here.

A propos the elections, the new parliament opens on Tuesday and there are 2 demonstrations coming up against the AfD:

As part of the discussion about what we should do about the AfD, Theater X in Moabit is organising a workshop today (Saturday 21st): 4pm in Wiclefstraße 32. It will be in German but we will be helping provide translation into English.

The AfD is also having a conference in Hannover on 2 December. Here is information about the planned protest.

Some more events from our group coming up:

  • Our next meeting (after Monday) is on 27th November in Die LINKE Neukölln offices. Subject is the new left in the Ukraine. Details to follow.
  • We have an organising meeting in the Café Plume on Wednesday 1 November at 7pm
  • On 1 December (also in Café Plume) we‘ll be having our annual not-Christmas party

We‘ll be sending a separate mail about the party, but if you‘re able to help out, please get in touch. We‘re looking for musicians, DJs, and even people who can donate a meaningless raffle prize. Everyone can do something – if you want to know what you can do, send us a mail at

Finally, because we‘ve been on our holidays, there‘s not one but two new Berlin bulletins from Victor Grossman up on the Website:

  • In this one, Victor analyses the German election results
  • And here, Victor is looking at the possible Jamaica Coalition in Germany.

All worth a read before Monday‘s meeting

Thanks for your interest. Hope to see you over the week-end. If you need to know more, please get in touch.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
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