Coming up

Hi everyone

There’s a few events going on this week. Here’s a quick reminder

TOMORROW (Wednesday) night there’s the next Jacobin Reading Group. 7Pm in Mehringhof, Gniesenaustraße 2a (U-Bahn Mehringdamm). More information (including the texts to read) here.

On THURSDAY Dr Jenny Farrell will be presenting her book on Shakespeare’s tragedies and their relevance today. 7.30 pm, Jugend[Widertands]Museum, Rigerstraße 9 (U-Bahn Frankfurter Tor)

And on SUNDAY there is the next SoulKino film on Cuba. 19h30 in the B-Lage, Mareschstraße 1 (S-Bahn Sonnenallee)

Two small final points: anyone who wants to help at our stall at the European Left conference this week-end please get in touch. Also a couple of people have not claimed their tickets for Nina Hagen’s concert of Bertolt Brecht songs at the Berliner Ensemble on Sunday night. They cost €5 and are available to the first people who contact us. Contact is, as ever


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