News on 24 November

Here are the minutes of our meeting last Tuesday. A video report of the meeting from Wellington and Kathleen will be on our Website soon.



You can read more about Wellington’s analysis on Brazil on the Website soon.



Our member Kathleen was one of the small group of individuals whích mobilised 2,000 people within 24 hours against Donald Trump. Kathleen argued that there was no great upsurge in people voting for Trump, but many former Obama voters were not inspired by Hillary Clinton. This means that resistance to Trump is both possible and necessary.

Two events are important here:

  • on 20 or 21 January there will be international demos on the day of Trump’s inauguration. We will be also organising something in Berlin
  • On 7 December there is a kick off meeting to coordinate the protests in Berlin. You’ll hear something from us very soon.



From 16-18 December, the European Left will be having a conference in Berlin. We are offering support, particularly on the Friday afternoon where we will help register delegates. We will also have a stall throughout the conference.

If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact us on For the specific requirements on the Friday, we’ll send out a doodle very soon.



Die LINKE Berlin will have its party conference on 10 December. Ana Barrena will be our delegate. We have also submitted 2 emergency motions:

  • “Die LINKE Berlin supports the planned protests against Donald Trump on 20/21 January around his inauguration as US president” (Kathleen will speak for this motion)
  • “Die LINKE Berlin is in solidarity with the imprisoned and removed politicians of our sister party the HDP and calls on the German government to end all support for the AKP government” (Ferat will speak for this motion)

As these are emergency motions, to submit them we need the support of 20 conference delegates. If you are a delegate or know delegates, please contact us.





We will be having our Christmas party on Saturday, 10th December in the Co-op café, Rochstraße 3 (near Alexanderplatz). Here’s the planned running order:

  • 18.15: Film (Sweden/USA): Black Power Mixtape
  • 21:00 Live Music (Iran/Germany): Kaveh
  • 22:00 DJ Set (Spain): SoulKino

The refugee theatre group is already performing somewhere else on the same evening but we’re trying to organise something with them.


On Thursday, 8th December, we’ll be buying food and stuff. If you can help us, please contact us at for the exact time and place.




I think that was the most important things. Please contact us if you need to know more.


DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals
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Coming right up in November / December

Plenty of meetings coming up. Here are just a few of them

xc-f3ttiThursday, 17 November, 7pm
: Jacobin Reading Circle (in English)

This month’s discussion: electoral politics

Venue: Co-op Café, Rochstraße 3 (near Alexanderplatz)


14925804_539086212956232_8470334642437430558_nSaturday, 19 November, 6pm
: meeting on the crisis in Europe (in Spanish with translation provided)

with Pablo Bustinduy (Podemos MEP), and Maite Mola (Izquierda Unida leadership)

Venue: Karl Liebknecht Haus, Kleine Alexanderstraße 28 (Rosa Luxemburg Platz)


brazil-portraitTuesday, 22 November, 7pm: next LAG Internationals meeting: Brazil after the coup (in English with German translation if required)

with Wellington Bernardes Delazari (followed by discussion on what to do about Donald Trump)

Venue: Karl Liebknecht Haus, Kleine Alexanderstraße 28 (Rosa Luxemburg Platz)


referendum_costituzionale_noWednesday, 23 November, 7pm: Public Meeting on the coming Referendum in Italy (in German and Italian)

with Andrej Hunko MdB and Anna Ballerin-Denti

Venue: Karl Liebknecht Haus, Kleine Alexanderstraße 28 (Rosa Luxemburg Platz)

160914132647-01-chile-girl-police-protest-restricted-exlarge-169Friday, 25 November, 7pm
: Book presentation – Chile from Allende to today’s social movements (in Spanish and English)

with Victor Hugo Saez

Venue: jugend[Widerstands]Museum, Rigaerstraße 9-10


lilja_4ever_2003Sunday, 27 November, 7.15pm: SoulKino III Violence against women

with Lilya4Ever

Venue: B-Lage, Mareschstraße 1


o-jeremy-corbyn-facebookSaturday, 10 December, 6pm till late
: Die LINKE Berlin Internationals party (in any language you like)

International programme to be announced

Venue: Co-op Café, Rochstraße 3 (near Alexanderplatz)


1471951787_e6fb937f0993c84Thursday, 15 December, 7.30pm: book presentation – the relevance of Shakespeare today (in English)

with Dr Jenny Farrell

Venue: jugend[Widerstands]Museum, Rigaerstraße 9-10