Report from our meeting with RAZEM

14718694_1181656191927865_3417905634612587401_nHallo everyone

Thanks once more for a great meeting last night and welcome to anyone new on the list.

A report of the meeting will appear on this Website soon. You can also see a video report plus some photos from the evening here.

For those who weren’t there, and for those who didn’t quite get everything, here’s a summary of what else we decided last night.

LINKE Berlin Conference

We elected our delegates for the LINKE conferences for the next 2 years. Ana Barrena will represent us, and Ferran Detrell will go if Ana is ill or out of Berlin.

The next party conference is on 10 December. We have the chance to submit motions. If you want to make a suggestion, please contact us ( before our next meeting on 22 November.
New project groups

We have set up 2 new project groups. These bring smaller groups of people together to work more intensively on specific parts of our work. The 2 new groups are

  • campaigning for a NO vote on the Italian constitution on 4 December. The group is planning on producing a leaflet and organising a public meeting (hopefully together with DiEM25 Berlin which has also just decided to campaign on the issue). More information here 
  • campaigning for voting rights for non-Germans. This group will have its first meeting soon to define exactly what it thinks it can do. If you want to be invited to the meeting, please contact us. More information here

You can find a full list of our current project groups here. If you are interested in finding out more about one of these groups, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the responsible person.
Jacobin reading group

We are very happy to sponsor a reading group for Jacobin magazine which was previously available at a local high school and now is available for anyone in Berlin. The first discussion will be on 27 October (yes, today) in the Co-op café discussing texts on changing ideologies relating to work. More information, including the reading materials here.

The reading group will meet on a monthly basis but its not yet clear exactly when future meetings will be. For more information, watch this space.
News from the culture department

We had 2 successful cultural events this months with a book presentation on “terrorism” in the Basque country and a film and discussion on Colombia (with 100 participants!)

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Berlin is Nowhere book presentations  – next meeting on political movements in Chile (25 November) in the jugend[Widerstands]Museum, Rigaerstraße 9
  • SoulKino film and discussion  – next meeting on abortion rights / violence against women (27 November) in the B-Lage, Mareschstraße 1

Because of Christmas and stuff the next couple of meetings will not always be in the same week of the month, but both projects will have a regular monthly date in the new year. The culture group is also busy organising our international Christmas party on Saturday 10 December in the Co-op Café- Here is the planned agenda (to be confirmed at the next culture group meeting).

6pm – 8pm Film (Sweden/USA) Black Power Mix Tape

8pm – 9pm Refugee Theatre (everywhere) from Club Al-Hakawati (to be confirmed)

9pm – 10pm Live Music (Iran/Germany) from Kaveh

10pm – when they throw us out DJ set (Spain) from SoulKino
Finally, a theatre recommendation. Also coming soon to this Website: a preview of Jim Jarmusch’s film “Paterson” which will be released in mid-November.
Next meeting

On 22 November, Brazilian economist Wellington Bernades Delzari will be talking to us about Brazil after the coup. We are trying to give everyone the chance to organise meetings, so if you are interested in helping out prepare this one, please contact us [it means you don’t get bored by the same old voices].
And that’s about it. If you have any questions and ideas, you know where we are.
DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals



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